All four suspended officers have now left the Council

Updated 15/09/22 @21:37

So it has come to pass, after two and half months since we published the fact that four Folkestone & Hythe District Council officers; who were suspended for contract and financial irregularities, have now left the building, like Elvis.

Two resigned before any disciplinary hearing took place.

One left with a non disclosure agreement (now called a settlement agreement)

And the fourth left recently after being re-instated, slicing a deal and then moving onto pastures new.

We make clear no criminal charges, civil charges, or disciplinary action was brought against the four council employees.

That said, please do remember a senior Kent Police officer recently stated to us:

If you want to be a criminal, go into local government

These are just four officers, who we believe in some instances were simply fall guys, but there are more who should go, as they, like those above, have breached the Council’s contract standing orders and financial procedure rules, significantly enough to warrant their release.

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  1. So none of them were sacked . None of them were reported to the Police . None of them are financially worse off .
    Please Sir how do I get on the Gravy Train ?

  2. Why they should be prosecuted

  3. seeley honda // September 25, 2022 at 09:05 // Reply

    do the managers claim traveling money when still working from home

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