Princes Parade: Lock, stock and two smoking farrell’s

Miss Chris Farrell – a former Military Police Officer – was passionate, very passionate when speaking about the petition she had lodged to be heard at Full Council on the 28 Sept 2022.

The subject of the Petition was:

For those of you unaware of this location see it is the orange line on the map below

In short Ms Farrell gave Cllr Monk & the Chief Executive, Dr Susan Priest both barrels at the meeting held on Wednesday 28 Sept.

Now of course, after Ms Farrell’s lock stock and two smoking barrel’s performance, Cllrs responded, including Cllr David Monk.

The fact this footpath has been closed when no work has been going on has infuriated not just Ms Farrell, but 284 other people as well, who all signed her petition.

There is no need to shut the footpath, no need at at all, as we have a solution.

As you may or may not know, there is a footpath which runs through the middle of the Port Lympne wildlife park. At certain times of day, an old green Bedford lorry carries passengers between one side of the park to the other. Gates open temporarily preventing one’s journey up or down the footpath, then close after the lorry, with its passengers, passes through. This arrangement has worked successfully for years.

As BAM – who are building the Leisure Centre on Princes Parade –  have a contingency fund, such a solution could be installed on the Seaview Footpath Bridge. This would allow everyone to continue to use the path and only been inconvenienced for a few minutes while any vehicle move’s from one part of the site to the other.

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