The Bonker’s Architect gives his veiws on F51

It has created discussions not just locally, or nationally, but internationally.

Love it, or loathe it, F51 is now a part of the urban landscape of Folkestone.

It was designed by Guy Holloway, the “Bonkers Architect“.

Guy Holloway at 50, is a man going places. Locally he is a man renowned for architecture which challenges its environment, the people, and no doubt the pockets of those who use his talents.

On Thursday 12 Nov, 2022, he gave a talk to the Shepway Heart Forum at  F51, with a guided tour after the talk. Below is a recording of Guy, and the talk he gave about the process of getting F51 done.

This is a building for adrenaline junkies, those who love to skateboard, to climb, and to box.

In his talk Guy touches on how architecture fits into the urban landscape, and the purpose of the build; which he said was “generational regeneration“. To give a sense of scale the bowl Guy is standing in, it is 2.9m from base to rim.

Of course, Guy gives his version of the reality of the creation of F51.

It’s for you to decide if the building designed by Guy Holloway compliments the urban landscape – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  After all the building does affect our home, one where 55,000 people happen to live.  The talk begins about 30 seconds in.

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  1. Can he design a ten pin bowling centre in the Debenhams building to compliment the Health centre.

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