Breaking News: Significant outbreak of Scabies in Asylum seeker hotels in South East England.

Reports are emerging that a substantial outbreak of scabies is occurring in hotels in the South East (and further afield) where asylum seekers have been placed.

It was reported in Oct that there had been outbreaks of scabies at the Manston centre. Since the 4,000 plus asylum seekers dispersal from Manston, to hotels, the infection has spread. It can take up to 8 weeks for the rash to appear.

The numbers are in excess of 500 plus, but this is a fluid number as it is changing by the hour.

The NHS are having to deal with the issue, as the Home Office are not apparently getting involved. As we understand, clothes and bedding have already been disposed of, and new bedding and clothing ordered for the asylum seekers.

We also understand a small outbreak of Cutaneous Diptheria, which is highly transmissible, has also occurred. This is separate from the outbreak at Manston; which occurred in Oct 2022.  At the weekend, it emerged that 50 people connected to Manston had contracted diphtheria which is a potentially fatal disease.

A vaccine for diphtheria was introduced in the UK in 1942, and last year there were just ten cases of the illness.

However, it’s not known if those coming into the UK are vaccinated against the illness.

The rush to disperse asylum seekers at Manston, may well be behind these latest outbreaks, of scabies and diphtheria, given the emerging evidence. Is this another mistake by the Home Office for rushing to disperse the asylum seekers at Manston so quickly?

We’ll leave you to decide that.

The UK Health Security Agency have been contacted for comment.

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