Domestos: We’re 99.9% sure Folkestone & Hythe residents will have highest council tax for twentieth year in a row.

It’s like Domestos, we can only be 99.9% certain that Folkestone & Hythe District Council will have the highest Council Tax of any district in Kent for the twentieth year in a row.

If we exclude, Kent County Council, Kent Fire & Rescue Service (KFRS) & Kent Police element of Council tax, given all the evidence in the public domain, Band D rates for Council tax per district shows Folkestone & Hythe will have the highest charge. This means  FHDC will have the highest council tax in the County of Kent, for the twentieth year in a row.

The increase in the chart is for an anticipated 2.99% rise, except Dartford who will once again freeze their Council Tax, as they did 2022/23. Also note Tunbridge Wells is a little subjective as it has a special expenses arrangement.

Council Tax allows Councils to provide a weekly refuse or recycling collection service, street cleansing contract including emptying of public bins, provision and maintenance of playgrounds within the borough, grounds maintenance and the provision of services to promote the delivery of strategic projects to support the economic growth and prosperity of the district and more.

When one includes the KCC, KFRS, and Kent Police and Parish amounts for Council Tax, we are 99.9% confident that Folkestone & Hythe District Council will have the highest Council Tax of any district in Kent for the twentieth year in a row.

Is it the highest Council Tax rate of any Council in Kent because of all the financial and contract irregularities which have been uncovered by The Shepway Vox Team?

One must remember not a single elected Councillor, regardless of party, has uncovered any of the irregularities, yet they are charged with being responsible for the public pound.

Of course, over these last 20 years, Folkestone & Hythe District Council has been lead by the Conservatives. From 2019 they have been propped up by UKIP, and Wimble’s Folkestone & Hythe Independent Group.

No doubt all the opposition parties in our district who do not prop up the Tories – Labour, Lib Dem & Greens will tell you that this is shocking during the run up to the May local elections. However, that said, they’ve had no impact on reducing your Council Tax, or preventing or even highlighting the financial and contract irregularities; which have plagued the Council.

Since all Cllrs were elected in May 2019, your Council Tax has risen year on year for the last four years.

Since they were elected we’ve uncovered enough contract and financial irregularities, by using publicly available information. If we can do it, why can’t they. Don’t they care about the public pound?

Also one must remember they’ve not put forward plans to reduce your Council Tax, only our public face has done that.

Voting for a political party over the last twenty years has not produced a reduction in your Council Tax. In May 2023, the local elections will take place and it is high time the people of the district, who are eligible to vote, choose a different set of Cllrs, ones who do not put party first, and residents second.

If you the residents of the district vote in Tories, Greens, Lib Dems, Labour, UKIP, or Wimble’s Folkestone & Hythe Independent Group candidates, at the next election, all you’ll be doing is voting to raise your Council Tax for another four years, without an increase in services.

So here’s the the question, will you vote for a named party above, and guarantee an increase in your Council Tax?

Only you can answer that.

NB: No council has voted on their proposals to increase their Council Tax yet as far as we are aware. The vote to increase Council Tax by any of the twelve councils will take place in February/March of 2023.

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4 Comments on Domestos: We’re 99.9% sure Folkestone & Hythe residents will have highest council tax for twentieth year in a row.

  1. Of course we will who else will pay for Monks vanity projects .

    • Part of the problem is that these are merely seen as “vanity” projects, when they are much more serious in nature.

  2. You should also mention the money added pn for our more local councils. WillNew Romney residents again pay more council tax than other areas when they add on all charges down to the lowest level – town council.

  3. It is not in the interests of political groups to acknowledge vote abstention, yet a normal procedure in council and government chambers. Therefore interpretation of the public vote is not a truthful representation of the public decision process.
    If weight of abstention were to be weighed against weight of votes cast, FHDC executive would probably be thrown out within 24 hours!
    So, let’s have a vote on the relevance of FHDC executive in conjunction with local May elections; let the public choose if such a group should remain, after all, cutting irrelevant costs is in vogue!
    Any bets they dare not face a public vote of confidence?

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