Breaking News: Cllr Philip Martin steps down as a Conservative leaving a hung Council

Cllr Philip Martin (pictured) who is Chairman of the Council, has stepped down from the local Conservatives association and is no longer a Conservative. This also means he is no longer a Conservative Councillor, but an independent – (Not a Wimble Independent)

This now means, there are ten conservatives, three Folkestone & Hythe Independents and two UKIPPERS making fifteen. And there are exactly the same number of opposition Cllrs

In any meeting of the full council, if votes are tied it is the Chairman who has the casting vote as set out in Part 4  of Council’s Constitution

Cllr Philip Martin was first elected as a Cllr in 2007 for the Folkestone Harvey Central with 487 votes. From 2011 onwards he has represented the North Downs East ward (pictured).

The next full Council meeting is on the 23 February. This is when Cllrs will vote on the budget, and the setting of the Council Tax. Let’s hope and pray Cllr P Martin (Ind) joins the opposition in voting down the proposed budget and Council Tax rise. You, the good people of the district do not need to have the highest council tax of any Council in Kent for the twentieth year in a row.

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8 Comments on Breaking News: Cllr Philip Martin steps down as a Conservative leaving a hung Council

  1. Not another one leaving the Titanic aka FHDC .
    Let’s hope Cllr Martin has finally realised how corrupt Monk and his cronies are and will vote as a true Indepndent for the benefit of us all .

  2. What political leanings has the Chairman?

  3. There’s more to this than Cllr Martin is letting on I hear! He missed his Ward’s selection meeting as he opted instead to attend a Mayoral party that evening and threw his toys out the pram when the local tories wouldn’t cancel the meeting the other 25 people turned up to 😂

    Further, he approached the Lib Dems who wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole and he’ll end up with Mr Wimble before the month is out.

  4. Philip Martin // January 18, 2023 at 15:13 // Reply

    Although I did attend a Civic function it was late in the evening as I had an emergency at William Harvey hospital which is why I couldn’t make the meeting. I HAVE NOT approached the Liberal Demicrats in any way whatsoever. Whoever is spreading such untruths need to get their facts right.

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