Council’s accounts: Another hat trick of irregularities

How many times does it take Folkestone & Hythe District Council to produce a draft set of accounts for publication, for the financial year 2021/22?

No it’s not a joke, it’s a fact. The answer is three.

FHDC Draft Statement of Accounts 2021/22 published in Sept 2022

FHDC Draft Statement of Accounts 2021/22 published on 24 Jan 2023.

FHDC Draft Statement Of Accounts 2021/22 published on 27 Jan 2023

It’s worthy of a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

The Council’s Constitution at Part 8; which deals with Council Officers states:

The public is entitled to expect the highest standards of conduct from all employees who work for local government.

Local government employees are expected to give the highest possible standard of service to the public.

It would appear from the evidence in the public domain, the Chief Finance Officer, Charlotte Spendley (pictured) , who is a Statutory officer, and responsible for signing off the accounts, did not meet the highest possible standards, as it took her three attempts to get the accounts right. Ms Spendley who tendered her resignation in Jan 2023, will be leaving the building in March 2023.

Charlotte will be joining Phoenix Community Housing as Director of Finance and Resources. She will join Phoenix in March 2023.

In 2021/22 her Council salary was £109,665, including fees and allowances.

It is more likely than not she’ll walk away with a non disclosure agreement (now known as a Settlement Agreement) and a possible golden handshake. Would she be deserving of any sum which might be offered given it took three attempts to produce a set of accounts? And let’s not forget all the financial irregularities

You can mull that over.

This is the second hat trick of own goals the Council have managed in the last week. If they carry on like this, perhaps Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, might be seeking a transfer to replace their striker Erling Haaland

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3 Comments on Council’s accounts: Another hat trick of irregularities

  1. Looks like she is leaving a sinking ship before she drowns, with a nice package to.

    Again well done Shepwayvox

  2. Why is it time and time again that incompetency is rewarded with a big fat cheque?

    Charlotte Spendley should be sacked for her gross incompetence .
    She is obviously way out of her depth so this begs the question why was she appointed in the first place?

    Now we the Council Tax payer will have to foot her nice little ‘bonus’ that Monk is going to give her and she won’t be allowed to tell anyone about it .

    To say this stinks is being polite .

    Well done Shepway Vox once again

  3. Whats the benefits of outsourcing parking

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