Community Organsiation Cllr Ward Grant analysis 2014/15 to 2022/23

Following on from our Community Groups – Grab the Cash blog, we’ve continued to dive into this pool of data, provided exclusively & publicly by Folkestone & Hythe District Council.

The Council’s data reaches back a full eight years. During this period, two local elections have happened – May 2015, and May 2019.

Between May 2014 and Dec 2022, what the Cllr Ward Grant data tell us is the total sum available, to dispense to Community Organisations equals £675,000. Of this sum, £579,268 has been awarded to Community Organisations across the district to Dec 2022. This means, 14% of the overall budget which could  be claimed by Community Organizations, has gone unclaimed. That’s £95,732, unclaimed.

The Community Group who has been awarded the most Cllr Ward Grants is Strange Cargo.

Strange Cargo… “has been built on the ethos of involving other people in the process of creating our work.”

They were incorporated on 9 June 1995. It is a private company limited by guarantee without share capital. Put simply this means they’re a ‘not for profit’ organisation. If they make profits, they don’t pay them out to their members. Instead, they put this money towards the company’s operations or goals; which can be found here.

As of the 31 March 2022, Strange Cargo’s Members Fund stood at a healthy £282,365. This is the sum they have to plow back into the company, and produce future community projects. They have been doing this successfully for the last 38 years.


Strange Cargo have received £41,150, of Cllr ward grant budgets, according to the Council’s payment to supplier data.  In second place is Folkestone Festivals with £ 9,333. In bronze medal place is Seabrook C Of E Primary School, who received £9,283.

The Community Group, Strange Cargo, in the big picture received 7.1% of the budget between May 2014, and Dec 2022. By Comparison, Folkestone Festivals, and Seabrook C Of E Primary School respectively received, 1.61% and 1.60%.

Strange Cargo have done nothing wrong, and everything right by making applications for Cllr ward grant money. Any Community Organisation, who fulfill the criteria can apply.


What the data also tells us is, community groups out there who are eligible for money, are not applying. The data shows a lack of all faiths making applications. A lack of LGBQTI organization applying. A lack of animal welfare organisations applying, for example.

This money is for community organisations to fund community projects. By making an application, your organisation can help promote your community’s place in the wonderful district, we know as home.

Applications close on the 24 Feb 2023, and details can be found on the Council’s website here. The application process is not big science.

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  1. The problem here is that without Shepway Vox, none of us would have been aware.
    The time scale, regrettably, means most applicants, now suddenly aware, will not be able to agree and prepare a way forward, then apply in time.
    And another year’s delay.
    But, thank you for bringing the opportunity to our attention.
    Communication and the ability not to exceed their remit, remain
    conundrums for FHDC.

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