Southern Water: No clue how much undiluted raw sewage they’ve pumped into our seas for 34 years


They don’t have a clue. Not a single idea of how much undiluted raw sewage they pump into our rivers and seas. Is it plausible that the closing of St Mary’s Bay beach for a year, due to intestinal enterococci, found in faecal matter in the water, is due to discharges by Southern Water?

How’s that going to affect the local economy and local businesses?

Will Southern Water be compensating them, if the EA discover it is them?

That aside, and moving on, in a response to an Environmental Information Request, Southern Water’s Head of Legal, Robin Churchill (Pictured), made it clear they don’t know, or hold, the information regarding the flow rate of raw undiluted raw sewage which is pumped into the sea along the coast line stretching from Dartford to the Ilse of Wight

They tell us how many hours of undiluted raw sewage Southern Water pour into the sea, but it’s pointless if we don’t know how much shit they pump into the sea.

Informing the public of the flow rates of undiluted raw sewage through storm overflows is important, as then we can get a sense of scale. Southern Water has been around since 1989. That means neither Southern Water, or you the residents of Folkestone & Hythe District, have a clue about how much undiluted raw sewage they have pumped into our seas, along the coastline they cover, for 34 years.

That’s a staggering admission.

A double Decker bus is 75 m3 , and an Olympic swimming pool is 2,500 m3 and Wembley stadium holds 4m  m3. How many buses, swimming pools or Wembley stadiums of raw undiluted sewage has been pumped into the sea, ever since they took control in 1989. Hundreds of millions, billions, they simply don’t know.

Let’s not forget, out own MP Damian Collins voted to ALLOW water companies to continue dumping RAW SEWAGE in our rivers and the sea.

One has to remember the ownership of Southern Water is, and has been offshore. First in the Cayman Islands, “the most notorious tax haven in the world” and now Jersey.

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7 Comments on Southern Water: No clue how much undiluted raw sewage they’ve pumped into our seas for 34 years

  1. Green grow the rushes // February 22, 2023 at 14:42 // Reply

    A local beach is shut down, yet the areas either side are not? There is no data of sewerage volume discharge over 34 years? Do these people really think the ocean simply rises up and down the same area of beach without a tidal flow along the entire coast line? They call themselves ‘Southern Water’?
    They may be called many things, ‘sacked’, would be the preferred reference term.

  2. They don’t have a clue .
    They don’t care
    They are not accountable to anyone

    • Criminal irresponsible corporate behaviour?
      Or individuals in court to face charges?
      What’s it going to be, anyone?

  3. We have Dymchurch, St Mary’s Bay and Greatstone, all three beaches are situated in a bay. The middle beach, St Mary’s Bay, is polluted with sewage, but not the other two. St Mary’s Bay beach now has an exclusion zone imposed on it, but not the other two positioned each side. So, that means the tides are very clever keeping the contamination solely to St Mary’s Bay, or the body concerned i.e. Southern Water are so inept, it seems they show no remorse in regards to their actions, but why should they, because they know the government, including Damian Collins, our MP, voted for them to continue!

    • @proudmarshman – Local people very angry at how this has been handled and many will not comply.

  4. St. Mary’s resident // March 9, 2023 at 14:37 // Reply

    Damian Collins and all the others who voted for this criminal behaviour,shame on you.

  5. Local people very angry indeed, more so due to the silence.
    No explanations.
    A very offensive attitude towards the public from all quarters.

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