Sunningdale House Developments Ltd make offer to buy Princes Parade.

Updated: 26 Feb 23 @09:15am

We can confirm that Sunningdale House Developments Limited, are the company who have made an offer to buy Princes Parade, from Folkestone & Hythe District Council.

We say this after contacting many other Developers, who have made it clear they have NOT made an offer for the site.

In a response to a written question to Sunningdale, their PR team – Fabrick  stated:

We are unable to comment on any current, on-going or future land acquisitions

And with regard to not paying the suppliers, sub-contractors and partners who work with Sunningdale, they stated:

Sunningdale House Developments treats all of its suppliers, sub-contractors and partners fairly. Payments are made in line with contractual agreements and once work has been completed to the quality that Sunningdale House Developments expects which is in line with industry standards, regulations and approvals of local authority Building Control

We know of more than a dozen subcontractors who would openly dispute Sunningdale’s claim, as they have had to use the adjudication process to get paid.

Now of course, we have reported Sunningdale had “acquired” the land at Princes Parade back in June 2022. And we have reported that Sunningdale have issues with paying subcontractors at the beginning of February.

Let’s hope Folkestone & Hythe District Council will do extensive due diligence, prior to making any decision about accepting Sunningdale’s offer. No point in accepting it if six months later the Company goes down the pan.

Also, we do ask, if the offer includes the Swimming Pool site in South Rd Hythe as the Princes Parade offer received, as set out in Report Number C/22/88, which went before Cabinet on 22 Feb 2023, does not make this clear. Perhaps one of the elected District Hythe Cllrs can get clarification on this.

Update: Even Cllr Prater and Cllr Whybrow believe the offer made by Sunningdale is not credible and Cllr Prater sets out why it’s not a good offer.

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6 Comments on Sunningdale House Developments Ltd make offer to buy Princes Parade.

  1. Well done ShepwayVox for confirming. I have been bleating exactly this on previous sites. Sunningdale (Bandit) saw the weakness offers to take over, uses sale of Existing Pool site to build a rubbish Recreation Centre. FHDC wash their hands .150 houses is £127M.and lots in Rates

  2. I worked for one of the many subcontractors that struggled to get paid on a monthly basis and it wasn’t down to quality but down to them not having the funds. I know many ex employees that walked away from the business due to how they treated subbies. And was threatened by their management for deformation over Facebook which shows the level of professionalism.

  3. Can we expect our MP Damian Collins to monitor this and make sure the local people are not shafted….

  4. Made an offer ?

    I guess we could all make an offer but no doubt the incompetent Tory Councillors will make sure that the residents of FHDC are left well out of pocket because of one man and his vanity project.

    May 4th is coming

    • @Kevin – Who is Damian Collins? Do you mean the Invisible MP who only appears at Election time claims £242k expenses plus his salary. That one ?

  5. Exactly!

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