Provisional date set for Otterpool Park Planning application to be heard

So eight years and five months after Folkestone & Hythe District Council purchased the land at Otterpool Lane, from the Champney Brothers for £5m, the planning application Y19/0257/FH, has been given a provisional date of 4 April 2023 to go before the planning committee

The Council can continue to discharge its normal council business, during purdah (pre-election period) including determining planning applications, even if they are controversial.

On the 28 Feb Councillors who sit on planning had a briefing regarding the Otterpool Park Planning application for 8,500 homes, according to a tweet by Cllr Susan Carey.

The application extends to more than 6 million words and no elected Councillor has read every word, nor will they by 4 April.

Now of course, there is much history to Otterpool Park and over the next month we will be reminding you of it.

We know there are both statutory agencies, Parish councils, Town councils and members of the public who object to the application. That said our public face, who objects to the application, does so on two grounds, one being because the old Lympne/Ashford Airport, was once in the ownership of his great uncle, Eric Rylands (pictured). It was from this airport, Skyways  Coach-Air flew to a variety of locations.

We know Folkestone Town Cllr  Paul Bingham flew from this airport to an overseas destination. 

However, that said, just because it was owned by a relative, and memories and the landscape will be altered forever, it is not a material planning objection, more’s the pity.

Image Dick Gilbert – circa 1970

Now we know at Overview & Scrutiny Committee on the 14 Feb 2023, Cllr Carey suggested the Council might consider obtaining planning permission for the site and potentially sell it on to a developer.

However, according to a variety of sources this will not happen, as the Council as the sole shareholder in Otterpool Park LLP, wish to to keep control and ownership of the site. 

There are local Parish Councils who too wish the site to remain in the ownership of the Council and will no doubt be relieved to know this will be the case.

If  as intended the application is submitted on the 4 April, then you can attend the planning committee to watch in person, or watch online from the comfort of your own home.

It is the largest planning application the Council have ever had to deal with. It has literally cost tens of millions to get the application to the committee. Let’s hope sense prevails and the committee say NO to Otterpool Park. 

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6 Comments on Provisional date set for Otterpool Park Planning application to be heard

  1. Of course they won’t say NO . Monk will see to that .
    He has to get this vanity project through then all us Council Tax payers will have something to remember him by after May 4th .

  2. S miller // March 1, 2023 at 21:29 // Reply

    98% of local residents, including parish councils have objected to this monstrosity, they will destroy all the wildlife and greenspace, also create another flood zone when it rains, pollution from extra cars….destroy our historic villages, there is a water shortage when it is very dry, meaning they wont be able to supply that amount of houses as well as the ones already here…..and when you look at all of the new developments around the south east, they are all reducing their prices because they cant sell them….which means , we dont need extra housing here, especially the type they are going to build….which are commuter houses for the rich !!!!! Why dont the councillors listen to their constituents, we pay their wages and vote them in to speak up on behalf of us !!!!

  3. Nothing to do with keeping control of the site, all about keeping control of the money.

  4. We certainly do NOT WANT the old racecourse turned in to a housing estate of 8,500 houses! Kick Monk and his puppets out on May 4th.

    Let sense prevail and protect our precious countryside.

  5. Its not only the racecourse they will be destroying, its half the countryside in Lympne and Sellindge… needs to be stopped!!m

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