Is she, or isn’t she?

The Section 151 Officer is responsible to the Council for ensuring that appropriate advice is given on all financial matters, for keeping proper financial records and accounts, and for maintaining an effective system of internal financial control.

The s151 Officer for Folkestone & Hythe District Council is Charlotte Spendley

Now each year the external auditor – Grant Thornton – prepare an Audit Findings Report on the state of the Council’s accounts. Charlotte became s151 officer in Jan 2020, so has been responsible for the accounts in 2019/20, 2020/21 and 2021/22.

Reading the external auditors findings, they report :

that the short term debtors balance of £4,132m for 2020/21 in the Group Balance Sheet was incorrect and should be £17,442m

We naturally become alarmed, due to the the scale of the incorrect record keeping of £13,310m, for which Charlotte is responsible.

Short term debtors, are the amount owed to the Council within 12 months.

The external auditor also points out in their audit findings

that the impairment balance disclosed in the financial statements is incorrect as it should be £1.840m not £1,478m.”

Again evidence of incorrect record keeping.

An impairment is a permanent reduction in the value of an asset owned by the Council. It may be a fixed asset or an intangible asset.

And they add

Heating replacement programmer balance of £0.48m is incorrect and should be £1.61m.

This too is evidence of incorrect record keeping.

As we said the person responsible for this is the s151 officer, Charlotte Spendley.

The Council in Report Number AuG/22/32, released to the world, the s151 Officer’s position in the Council, her mobile number and her email address:

Of course, every report prepared by the Charlotte,which goes before a committee, the cabinet or full council, has these details on it, and has done so ever since she became s151 officer back in Jan 2020. Complaining to anyone about the release of these details is a nonsense as the Council have been releasing this information to the world for the last two years and three months.

Also complaining about her image being released to the world, when it was taken in a public meeting and published to the world, is another piece of nonsense, as this has been allowable since the relevant legislation was put in place. 

So given what the external auditor has made known, we ask you is she or isn’t she capable of “keeping proper financial records and accounts”?

We’ll leave you to mull that over.

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3 Comments on Is she, or isn’t she?

  1. Kevin Teagle // March 9, 2023 at 09:56 // Reply

    I do hope that no one has forwarded any of this information to her new ….

    How embarrassing for both parties to realise what an utterly incompetent person they will be getting in my honest opinion

    Still their loss is our gain as they say .

    Well done Shepway Vox once again

  2. Not commenting on this article, just asking a question:

    If you are still standing for election on May 4th, do you need help with leafletting etc? I have done it before and would like to help.

  3. Mrs Spendley underestimated the amount of money owed to the council by debtors, by 75%. That is very worrying. That £13,310m is equivalent to 83% of the £16m deficit the Council lasted stated it had.

    Also, if I am not mistaken, the opening balance for the 2021/22 accounts would have been incorrect. Which would have set them off on the wrong road and misled the Council and Cllrs as they would have £13,310m more than they knew.

    Amazing! It’s good to know she is leaving the building.

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