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For the record and for clarity, my name is Bryan Rylands (pictured). I am the public face of The Shepway Vox Team. I am one of nine members of the team. 

I have been the public face of the Team since Sept 2016. Before this Shepway Vox was just me.

Since late 2016, the Team have received many legal letters threatening defamation, yet not once has any of these letters come to anything.

In 2017, I took the Council to tribunal over the Biggins Wood Viability report. The Council officers present at the Tribunal were Andy Jarrett, Peter Wignall, Alastair De Lacey and a lady officer whose name I do not know. At this Tribunal I disclosed I had a certain illness – of which I will talk of more further on – I did so in front of all present, judge, lawyers and council officers.

In 2019, twenty eight of the thirty Cllrs agreed not to receive, or respond to, emails from me within weeks of their election. Only Cllrs Prater and Fuller (both pictured) did not go along with the Council’s decision. This decision taken by the 28 Cllrs, and the Council, is still in place today. 

Two months after the local election in 2019, Cllr Ray Field (pictured below) publicly attacked me, punching and kicking me. Cllrs were present, yet not one reported this to the monitoring officer – Amandeep Khroud (pictured below), or Kent Police. I did. Neither took any further action as the witnesses (the Cllrs) were not prepared to say anything. The Council informed me my complaint amounted to an unreasonable persistent complaint and as such would not be engaging with me to find a suitable solution.

Since 2020, Folkestone & Hythe District Council have sent me four letters from their lawyers Bevan Brittan. Each of them threatened this, that and the other. All of the statements contained therein were not based on fact. One of them banned me from all their land and property; which meant I had to travel by train to get my Covid jabs, as I could not have them in the former Debenhams building, nor in the Council car park, as both were/are owned by the Council.

Now here’s a thing many of you will not be aware of, and I am sharing for the first time. I have lived with Catatonia since I was seven. So more than 50 years. It has disrupted large parts of my life, ie education, exams etc. But nonetheless, I did manage to get an education and pass exams. 

The type of Catatonia I live with means I shut down. I don’t move. I go rigid in whatever position I am in when it strikes. Once I was sat on the toilet for 3 days, frozen, rigid. Once I was cooking and the kitchen caught fire. Thankfully, a dear friend, true friend was with me, so no harm done. While catatonic, I can’t speak, nor do I respond to external stimuli. This can last for seconds, hours or even days.

In this catatonic state I have had so called “friends” steal my wallet and spend my money. Steal things from my home. They have hit and punched me as they believed I was “messing around“. These people are no longer in my life for obvious reasons.

In 2021 and 2022, I had texts and emails from Cllr David Wimble because the team exposed his untruths, like getting a summons for non payment of Council Tax, for driving around with no tax or mot, he decided to call me a “schizo twat” a “schizo c**t” and a “schizo wanker” and more, much much more. But of course, the Council’s monitoring officer took no action, even though he drove the car with no tax, or mot, to meetings for which he attempted to claim expenses. 

In 2022, I got on a train to go to Reading and ended up in Penzance. In 2022 I got on a train to go to Peterborough, and ended up in Edinburgh. Moving around can be hazardous and expensive, as not every train company is understanding of my condition.

As you know, I am standing for Cllr in the forthcoming elections in May, so I am openly and honestly declaring my illness, not because I want your sympathy, but because you deserve to know. If perchance I am elected, then I need you to know if I don’t respond to your email, or take your phone call in a timely manner, it may be because I’ve gone catatonic.

Since the 1 Jan 2023, I’ve had three episodes; which have lasted in total nine days. Nine days I know nothing about. Thankfully no trains have been involved. My illness does not allow me to drive for obvious reasons.

All told, since my illness began when I was seven, I have lost more than nine years of my life, when all the catatonic episodes are added up.

I do not know when my illness will strike, there are no warning signs. It just happens. Think of it like a fuse blowing in a plug. It can last for a brief second; which you would not notice, or it can last for days. After the episode passes, I am left with a bad stutter which lasts between 24 to 72 hours. 

Finally, last Friday night/Sat morning, I was attacked in my own home by assailants unknown as they were wearing masks. I suffered two broken ribs and one fractured one. My friend and team member, John Taylor, stepped into the breach to take over posting duties for our Shepway Vox articles. For a man who strongly dislikes social media, and with no social media accounts, he did a good job, and I thank him. That’s what a team is about, helping and supporting each other when necessary. I love the team and thank them all for their assistance during this difficult week. They are my friends and have been since childhood. I love each and every one of them for their continuing and ongoing support.

Love & Respect




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13 Comments on Just for the record

  1. Wow Bryan you are obviously a very special person that lives with your health problems but still manages to be a thorn in the side of FHDC.
    Long may you continue doing what you are doing and I sincerely hope you get elected.
    Those that have threatened you will get their comeuppance and people like Cllr Ray Field are just pathetic little men trying to be one of the big boys .

  2. Get well soon, we bloody well need you. And as for the Romney Marsh Cllr, well it doesn’t surprise me

  3. Keep up the good work Shepwayvox

  4. You are an inspiration to me Bryan: always on target, never wavering, kind, supportive, and above all a friend.

  5. I’m so sad to hear about the attack on you Bryan and wish you a full and speedy recovery. I trust the police are investigating. The mirror you hold up to the council is invaluable. Thank you.

  6. You suffer from a severe affliction and I think you are very brave in telling us all about it. I’m appalled at the abuse and violence you have received from certain councillors. All you are doing is holding them to standards of integrity and propriety that we should all be able to expect from our elected representatives. Apparently we can’t, and are perhaps naive to expect that we can, sadly. I admire your bravery and persistence. Keep it up!

  7. Brave man – we wish you a positive future.

  8. My money and suspicions are on the Council getting you duffed up. As Mrs Angry says, “one must have a deep seated suspicion of the way in which local authorities operate. Always assume the worst: you will almost always be right.”

    Keep up the good work as the local rags won’t

  9. That Cllr who called you a “schizo twat” etc, that’s David Wimble, who for the uninitiated is a bullshitter, one just has to scan the looker, of which he is editor, that tells you enough about this vile man.

    How many people has he threatened to sue, we’ve all lost count.

    And what was it former Cllr Susie Govett said recently

    SG: The Looker printing lies, who knew?!

    And Cllr Tim Prater’s response was:

    TP: No. Wait. I know the answer to this.

    Tells you everything you need to know.

  10. There’s always a price for being right.

    Most people can’t/won’t pay that price but still mock those who do.

  11. Standing for councillor and being beaten in a physical attack is disturbing and requires broad media coverage and investigation.
    This country cannot afford violent thuggery in politics, a complete offence against all the people who have fought and died for civilised government.
    Meanwhile, FHDC issues appear to be deeper than the recently named individuals; we have been informed that certain council officers seem to be taking an assertive, or perhaps aggressive, attitude towards investigations. It appears individuals without sufficient means to afford legal representation are being brought before the courts, then receiving fines of which they have no power to challenge.
    We are all aware that FHDC is attempting to remedy holes in it’s finances; this behaviour, if true, would be almost as revolting as the attack on your self; another matter requiring urgent investigation.

  12. Hi Bryan, I would like take this opportunity to thank you for your help and advice you’ve given me over the years, it has been much appreciated. It is so disappointing to experience so much protectionism towards those in public office who show ineptness and arrogance in what they do, forgetting they are there to serve…..not master over us.
    I heard this quote over the week-end which I think is very apt ‘la voix du peuple’ meaning ‘Voice of the people’. Good luck on the 4th May.

  13. That’s an honest post and as much as I don’t agree with some of your posts, as it would be good to receive some positive ones on occasions I do wish you well and I deplore they way you have been treated.

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