Part 2: Solutions to lower your Council Tax by £128


I have already put forward solutions to lower your Council Tax by £128

This would apply to every household who pays council tax, wherever the household may be in the district.

I liked the idea so much, as did many of my friends. One of them wrote a campaign song about council tax for me. So in an exclusive, here’s the song for your ears and eyes.

There are those who believe Folkestone & Hythe District does not have the highest council tax in Kent. Nor do they believe that we’ve had the highest Council Tax for the last 20 years; which is 100% true by the way, and here is the evidence from the Department of Levelling Up Housing & Communities to prove it. 

Band D Council Tax figures for local authorities since 1993

So how’s it all be spent, and on what? Do remember to ask any candidate who knocks at your door, if they have solutions to lower your council tax.


MAY 4th


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