A vote for Rylands is a vote to help local Folkestone charities

At the beginning of my campaign I promised to donate my Councillor allowance to local Folkestone based charities, if elected. The charities who I would donate to, if elected, are

The New Folkestone Society

Touchbase Care

Action on Homelessness

Academy FM Folkestone

Each of them would receive one year’s worth of allowance, so approximately £6,000 per charity, if I am elected.

I have chosen these four charities, as they champion people and issues in the Folkestone community, I personally support. The other reason is because they are local and have no connection to national charities

Their ethos and desire to improve the lives of individuals and the community of Folkestone I personally admire and respect.

Cllrs at present receive around £6,000 per year which is CPI indexed. This would mean overall, if I were elected, taxpayers money, your money, all £24,000 pounds of it would go to great causes to help the community of Folkestone. I know of no other candidate who has made this promise. 

If elected I would also have £3,000 in ward grants to dispense to the Community of Folkestone, bringing the total, I could dispense, if elected, to £36,000.

I don’t want to be a Cllr because of the allowances. I want to be a Cllr because there are issues across our district which need fixing, ones which are relevant to us all.

Housing, the public pound, council tax, the environment, our heritage and more.

If elected by you, I would do my utmost to fix them, and hopefully leave our district a better place than I found it, four years hence.

In the interest of transparency, I am a member of the New Folkestone Society.




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1 Comment on A vote for Rylands is a vote to help local Folkestone charities

  1. Wasn’t to be this time but look on the bright side Monk has gone along with other Tory cronies .
    Now it’s up to the new Council to try and extract us from the financial mess Monk has left and also to get rid of Priest and Khroud .
    I’ve heard that there’s a leaving do for Monk in the local telephone box .

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