Breaking News: Development House Ltd owned by David Pownceby goes into administration.

Development House Ltd, which is the building arm of Sunningdale House Developments Ltd has gone into administration. The person of significant control of Development House is David Pownceby (pictured)

Just last month we made it clear this part of the company was in financial trouble, and that a number of companies were not being paid and that some had resorted to construction adjudications and court action to get paid.

As we understand, staff from Development House Ltd were being transferred to the mother company – Sunningdale House Developments Ltd over the last week, and staff were told not to divulge this information.

Many subcontractors will possibly not get paid for their work. We know that as of Monday of this week, many did not get paid as was promised. Pownceby, personally texted some subcontractors assuring them of payment, but none arrived on their accounts. 

Pownceby has been a bankrupt before and his previous companies have gone under, owing millions to unfortunate subcontractors and suppliers.

Many subcontractors and suppliers will suffer once again due to Pownceby’s company, Developments House Ltd going into administration.

We wish them – the subcontractors and suppliers – the best of luck in getting any money owed to them paid.

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12 Comments on Breaking News: Development House Ltd owned by David Pownceby goes into administration.

  1. I note that two charges to Nat West Bank were paid off and registered to this effect at companies house on 7th July 2023. I assume therefore there must be some money somewhere or was this pre-planned in order to keep the bank happy only ? No registration of administration at this time of commenting to the author

    • shepwayvox // July 20, 2023 at 13:28 // Reply

      Nope not yet as only happened in last few days.

    • @Guy

      I note another Company Redkey Concepts Design and Build work in a very similar fashion! Knowingly take on jobs and Sun-Contractors with no intentions of paying them for their hard work. But easily opening new companies months before putting Redkey into administration! Where is the governing bodies to protect innocent companies from being victims of these sorts of companies and Directors!

      • shepwayvox // July 21, 2023 at 18:06 //

        Yes Red Key went into administration on the 14th July due to Development House not paying them. In our humble opinion Pownceby should be behind bars.

  2. And to think this company was FHDCs/Monk’s preferred supplier for the Princes Parade project.

    • @BB

      Another reason why Monk must not have anything to do with Otterpool . The man is only interested in his own vanity projects which cost us millions .

  3. A year or so ago they owed me £40K plus and ended up go to this David’s home to make it clear we would be paid.

    Tried to make out we were going to lose lots of business by not working with him but we said we didn’t want to work with firms that drag their heels paying. I said I’d be back at his house daily until paid. Was fully paid the next day

  4. So the chances of getting my refundable deposit back which i placed on a new build property at millers retreat (which i have chased for 2 months) is zero?

    • shepwayvox // August 16, 2023 at 14:00 // Reply

      Depending on which company to paid the deposit to, you ought to contact the administrators when they are formerly put in place.

    • @anthony I too paid a deposit on a new build at Evans Field Budleigh Salterton over 2 months ago and have heard or recieved nothing ! This lowlife has totally ruined my retirement plans and not a hope in hell of retiring now as I am stuck in limbo between my house sale falling apart with nowhere to go ! Why in gods name arent these developers regulated ? It makes no sense that they can dissolve a company and restart under a new name whilst ripping off everyone in their path as they rake in the millions of others hard earnt money ! Disgusting and shameful hope he can live with his conscious!

      • shepwayvox // September 7, 2023 at 22:56 //

        Hi Steph, contact your MP and let him know that Sir Roger Gale MP and Natalie Elphicke are involved at looking at this company. Also speak to the Administrator of the company, so as to lodge your debt and money owed.

      • Thank you, I most definitely will !!

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