Update on Development House & Sunningdale House Developments Ltd

The latest news regarding Development House Limited, a company owned by David Pownceby, will slide into voluntary liquidation as of the 17 Aug. However, in the last few days creditors have been receiving letters informing them that both Quantuma Advisory and Begbies Traynor Group are to be the joint administrators.

Now as we understand at the present time, there are a number of companies who are owed money. They are currently considering requesting a meeting as  set out in the letter above. 

Moving on Companies House is now showing that David Pownceby (pictured) has resigned from Sunningdale House Development Limited as of the 4 Aug, but did not appear on Companies House until the 10 August.

He has also resigned from:










and another seventeen companies within the last month.

This means at the present time David Pownceby is only a director in nine companies, according to Companies House.

Last night, 10 Aug at 7pm,  a meeting was held at St Nicholas at Wade village hall, organised by North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale.  A representative of The Shepway Vox Team was in attendance. Sitting alongside Sir Roger Gale was KCC Cllr Derek Crow-Brown who represents Birchington & Rural, and Parish Cllr, Tim Ingleton for Minster was also present. Natalie Elphicke MP for Dover is also involved, representing the Walmer groups, where Sunningdale were developing sites. Sir Roger and Elphicke are combining their efforts. We suspect at some point Damian Collins MP will become involved as there are sites in Sandgate and of course Princes Parade  which are affected by the demise of Sunningdale.  

A head count showed around 80 residents turned up from the Minster, St Nicholas at Wade, Walmer and Sandgate projects. 

It was made clear that Sir Roger Gale MP has written to the Housing Minister, and Michael Gove MP, who is the Secretary of State for the Department of Levlling Up Housing & Communities. This is because Sir Roger Gale  believes there are substantive irregularities around help to buy and housing association involvement, which means there is a taxpayer interest.

Also it was made clear that every project that Sunningdale have been involved with is unfinished to varying degrees. Sir Roger has had communication with David Pownceby who repeatedly says he has been ill, and he, Pownceby, will get matters resolved but has in effect passed the work to his juniors who have done nothing.

What we find strange is David Pownceby was until recently on holiday in Portugal. 

Although Sunningdale House is not yet in administration, it is clear that Development House will slip into voluntary administration, on or around the 17 August according to a variety of well placed sources.

Sunningdale House has just one director, that being Robert John Locker, who is a chartered surveyor and works for C N C Property Fund Management, based in Ashford, Middlesex.

The common complaints made by residents/buyers are unfinished roads, shoddy building works, foundations seem to be a problem at Minster and at all stages SH are blaming the owners for trying to rush the builds – the builds have been repeatedly late in any event, due to non payment of subcontractors. ICW are the main insurance warranty company and they are trying to avoid doing work by claiming defects are snags. Sir Roger will be trying to make this a parliamentary issue.

The residents/buyers are trying to ascertain what money is held in escrow, or by KCC as S.106 money.

Sir Roger made it clear that he and others present will continue digging before coming up with the next steps.

If you are a resident/buyer who has been affected by Sunningdale & Development House demise we’d ask you to contact us. The same goes for any contractor/subcontractor who is owed money by either company. You can contact us at:


The Shepway Vox Team

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  1. If matters are beginning to come under examination, it is a step in the right direction to begin restoring public confidence in civic administration.

    Claiming sickness is a jaundiced attempt at the sympathy vote.

  2. Assume you can’t just run away by resigning and not face up to the devastation caused

  3. Pownceby is so obviously a crook and should be treated as such, It may be that prison appears a luxury to him.

    Lets give it a try.

  4. The man has the most impressive car collection I have ever seen Ferraris and so on

    • Whatever the outcomes regarding this character, he is currently the focus.
      He did not achieve position alone; whatever the official excuses, a network of people aware of the situation, to greater and lesser degrees, appears inevitable: it is these players, running and hiding, that need to be hooked out and exposed, also.
      While full financial recovery and costs are considered an ideal pursuit, a single sacrifice, an offering of this character, to appease the masses, will not sufficiently prevent repetition if implicated individuals are permitted to escape.

  5. Are SUNNINGDALE HOUSE going into administration / liquidation? I’m currently midway in the process of buying from them!

    • shepwayvox // August 15, 2023 at 07:00 // Reply

      According to creditors owed money, the answer is yes they are going into administration.

  6. We are on an unfinished Sunningdale site in East Devon no paths, proper road, street lights. Maintenance, unfinished properties. No snagging absolute shambles and despite emails to council and MPs no action.

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