David Wimble fails to pay service charge fees and court issues default CCJ for unpaid debt.

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A default County Court Judgment has been issued against David Wimble. As you know Mr Wimble is an elected representative for New Romney Town Council and Folkestone & Hythe District Council.

The judgment issued on the 16 August 2023, is for £1,171.13. It is due to the fact Mr Wimble has failed to pay his service charge fees on the flats he leases at Mulberry Court Greatstone. This is the address he gives as a Cllr

A default judgment such as the one issued against David Wimble, is where the court issues a judgment against a Defendant without the merits of the claim being heard and without a response from the Defendant.

The claimant – the Management company representing the leaseholders of Mulberry Court,  applied for a default judgment as the Defendant – David Wimble – either failed to file an acknowledgment of service within 14 days, or if an acknowledgment of service had been filed but the Defendant – David Wimble – had not filed a defence on time.

Once a default judgment has been obtained, the Claimant, the other leaseholders can take enforcement action to recover the judgment sum by, for example, instructing bailiffs, applying for an attachment of earnings order or obtaining a charging order over the Defendant’s home.

For clarity, the above CCJ is below £5,000 pounds so he cannot be made bankrupt, or subject to bankruptcy proceedings; which would mean he would have to step down as a Cllr. This is not the case here.

While the other leaseholders have been paying their service charges, Mr Wimble owner of the Looker and Delux Radio has been driving around Lydden race Track, visiting the Spitting Image show in London and has flown off to Turkey to get his teeth done and many other things. So it’s clear David Wimble has money to burn and lets not forget his Cllr allowance he receives


Let’s hope David Wimble pays his debt to the management company, as the other leaseholders should not have to subsidize him and his lifestyle. 

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5 Comments on David Wimble fails to pay service charge fees and court issues default CCJ for unpaid debt.

  1. Wimble deserves all he gets . What a pathetic excuse for a Councillor .
    If you happen to read his publication the Looker it’s full of him whinging and whining mainly because no one believes or trusts him .
    He is also now short of cash as he’s no longer one of Monks paid employees on FHDC .

  2. Time for a By-Election!

  3. I see Wimbles mate ex councillor Russell Tillson has just been jailed for 5 years and 8 months .

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