Doubt over claims East Kent Hospital Trust have signed NHS Sexual safety in healthcare charter

Does simply saying something mean it’s true? 

We ask this question because to date East Kent Hospital University Foundation Trust have stated twice they’ve signed up to NHS England’s Sexual safety in healthcare – organisational charter on two occasions.

The charter went live on the 4 Sept 2023 and to date 78 NHS related bodies have signed up to it. The charter was last updated on the 2 Oct 2023, and our Trust was not on the list. 

On the 29 Sept 2023, the Trust stated:

Now it’s clear and unequivocal the Trust state they’ve signed up to the charter by the 29 Sept, but if you click on anyone of the five images which have been archived, you’ll see after scrolling through the names of the bodies on the charter, that out Trust’s name is NOT on the list.

In the Trust’s Board meeting papers for today 5 Oct, the Trust states at page 34 of 224

The Trust has signed up and committed to the Charter for Sexual safety in Healthcare, making a public commitment to its workforce and patients to tackle unwanted, inappropriate and/or harmful sexual behaviour in the workplace.

However, once again click on anyone of the five images and Trust’s name is not on the list. The Trust provide no evidence they’ve signed up to the charter. Saying something doesn’t mean it’s true, and the Trust saying it has signed up to the charter does not tally with the evidence in the public domain. 

Now let’s not forget there are two investigations into sexual misconduct at our Trust and a further one being undertaken by Kent Police, so signing up to this charter and taking it seriously is important for all staff at our Trust. 

For the sake of staff safety, transparency, openness & accountability, will the Trust place any evidence it has, that it has signed up to the charter, into the public domain! It is good to talk, but it would be better for staff to see the evidence the Trust has signed the charter.

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