Failed businessman David Pownceby starts two new construction companies

Some people have more front than Selfridges, so the saying goes. And one such person is David Richard Pownceby (pictured).

Having recently sent two companies into voluntary liquidation owing £55m to creditors, has set up two new companies, according to information on Companies House. 

JBL Lifestyle Homes Ltd was incorporated on the 2 Oct 2023 and its sole Director and person of significant control is David Richard Pownceby. The nature of its business is: Development of building projects. 

On the same day, JBL Encombe Limited was incorporated. The sole director is David Pownceby and person of significant control of the company according to Companies House is, JB Lifestyle Homes Limited. This company is of course owned and controlled by David Richard Pownceby and the nature of its activities is: Development of building projects.

Now perhaps most people don”t know that David Richard Pownceby, incorporated Development House (Cranbrook) Ltd on18 May 2020. The sole director of the company is Mr Pownceby. He is also the person with significant control, according to Companies House. On the on 2 June 2021,  a charge against the company was created by Octane Property Finance Limited, for land in Cranbrook. Then on the 31 May 2022, a charge owed to West One Development Finance Limited was created and lodged on Companies House for the same land at Cranbrook. On the  29 June 2023, the charge created by and owed to Octane Property Finance Ltd was satisfied.  Then on the 11 Oct 2023, the company changed its name to JBL Lifestyle Cranbrook Ltd. One also notes the accounts for this company are now one month overdue

Given this information is publicly available, it would appear Mr Pownceby is intent on staying in the construction game, albeit at a much reduced size. So for any self employed people, and/or companies out there, before doing any business with any of the companies mentioned herein, we urge you to do your due diligence on them, given so many previous creditors who worked for Sunningdale House Developments Limited and Development House Limited, companies owned and controlled by David Pownceby, are out of pocket significantly. 

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