SDC Cllr Allowances

Below are the allowances received by SDC Councillors for the year April 1st 2014 to March 31st 2015. The sum total claimed by ALL councillors was £335,370.37 see

SDC Cllr Allowances

Cllrs can claim for the following:

  • Basic Allowances =£3867.00 all Cllrs receive this.
  • Special Responsibility Allowances are claimed by those who sit on boards such as the Shepway Joint Transportation Board, The Finance Committee etc.
  • ICT Allowances – This is for computers etc and internet.
  • Car Allowances – ie travel, Cllrs receive 45p a mile plus extra if they have another Cllr in their car.
  • Public Transport – ie rail, bus, plane.
  • Conference – each year the Local Government Association meets at Cllrs attend.
  • Subsistence – food, hotels etc.

The highest amount claimed by any Cllr for the year was Cllr David Monk the Leader of SDC. He claimed £26,675. I believe Cllr Monk is a Senior Citizen and does no doubt receive a State Pension as he is entitled. Perhaps – I do not know but maybe Cllr Monk has a private pension too, again nothing wrong with that, so add that all together and for a pensioner Cllr Monk could be on more than £34,183.80 or the equivalent £657.80 per week. Nice.

I have looked through the more detailed expenses claims made by each Cllr and have found some anomalies, but before I post I must double check. I will post them soon.

Shepway Vox


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