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Legal Cases are usually not spoken about by our Council or many other Councils up and down the land. I did an FOI to Shepway about ALL legal cases but received back only those covered by their insurance.

The Legal cases are set out in spreadsheet form and there are four pages. They each have their own term so:

PL = Public Liability

EL = Employment Liability

Motor Claims

Property Claims

You can see them here click

Shepway DC claims 2008 to 2015 (Final) (1)

The numbers are significant and the amounts totalled are what SDC have had to pay out a minus sign (-) means that money went back to SDC. We can see that between 2008 and 2015 paid out a significant amount.

What it does not show is the case where SDC went to court to try to stop Ashford Borough Council from building the outlet centre in Ashford, nor does it show the amount paid to the Dutch Company regarding Bouverie Place – the Shopping Centre where Asda, Primark, Next etc are situated. These sums were very significant.

I do not wish to comment on whether SDC’s legal department is good or bad that judgement I will leave to you. You are after all entitled to your opinion, mine I will keep to myself, for now.


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