Do they or Don’t they?

I paid SDC for their contracts register when the books were open. This is what they gave me. It is exactly the same as you can find in a previous blog entitled

SDC Contracts Register click below


There are further anomalies in this register as it appears that it is not the full register; which of course I asked for, but it appears I did not get.

There are two names missing from the register. They are Stanford & Green [S&G] and Equita. Both these companies are civil enforcement companies commonly known as Bailiffs who work for SDC, or so they allege. They appear not to have contracts with SDC, as they do not appear on the Contracts Register.

S&G, state quite clearly they work for SDC and in 2013 this was definitely the case see  SDC & Stanford & Green  and scroll down until you see SDC’s logo.

So questions now arise. SDC state clearly on their contract register that there is no contract with S&G, so how is it possible with no contract with SDC, S&G Bailiffs can turn up to peoples houses across Shepway and take away peoples goods? It would appear they cannot.

The same would be true of Equita, who is owned by Capita [Who have contracts with SDC, but no civil enforcement contracts].

Neither company have the legal right to enter any home in Shepway as it appears that that they do not have contracts with SDC.

So where does this leave us. Well, S&G and Equita, it could be argued are turning up at houses across Shepway stating they work for SDC when they do not and effectively take goods without the legal authority to do so.


SDC did not give me the full contracts register, I’ll leave you to choose which one it might be.


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