Penetrative Testing

Once SDC Cllrs have signed up to the Data Register their next legislative requirement is to be penetrated by their processor; SDC IT staff.
Their  computers must comply with the legislation by being tested often enough to prevent Cllrs computers and their constituents emails; which they may receive, are safe and cannot be hacked. It also means no preying eyes, computer lockdown when they step away from the screen, encryption, proper destruction of hard drive so no information can be gleaned from it and much more
Ashley Madison, Sony Playstation, Carphone Warehouse,  and more than 2000 other brands have been hacked between 2000 – 2015. 
So you can see why penetration testing is necessary and I can see why SDC IT Employees whose pensions may be at significant risk might enjoy their task.

The ICO Head of Enforcement, Stephen Eckersley, recently said:

“There is barely a day that goes by without a company being the target of an online attack. This is the modern world and businesses and other organisations must have adequate security measures in place to keep people’s information secure.

This includes Cllrs

I hope Cllrs will comply and allow themselves to be penetrated in accordance with the legislation.



1 Comment on Penetrative Testing

  1. David Baker // September 8, 2015 at 09:36 // Reply

    A few tearful eyes no doubt


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