One Small Step…

On the 29/07/15  Shepwayvox blogged the following post  ICO. Finally ALL Cllrs have now registered on the 15/09/15 some seven weeks later. [Better late than never]

This is a small step, but a hugely significant one as it means Cllrs must be open to  Penetrative Testing and if they lose your Data or breach the rules they MUST by law inform the ICO.  Also see Criminals

Data Protection is important just think Ashley Madison, Carphone Warehouse Sony Playstation, NHS Health Records and many more where Data has been compromised by hacks or large losses of Data.

The Guardian piece on PRIVACY highlights the importance attached to Data, where it goes and how it is used.

The cost for signing up to the ICO Register is thirty five pounds, as of yet it is not clear who paid this, us the residents of Shepway – ie public purse, or the Cllrs themselves. Perhaps some willing resident of Shepway would do an FOI on this and let me know the results.

My Congratulations to the Cllrs for eventually signing up, gold stars all round.



1 Comment on One Small Step…

  1. I would suggest that exposure, and pressure, from Shepwayvox has anabled this sign-up. Good for you Guys!


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