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Just 12 days ago The Independent ran a piece about how Paedophiles steal over half their images from sites like Facebook.

The author of the report Mr MacGibbon,  “points out that within 10 days of being uploaded, some of the content from popular social media sharing sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Kik had been appropriated and viewed 1.7 million times. Images were often catalogued in ‘themes’ such as “kids at beach”, “nice boys play in river” or “gymnasts”, alongside comments that explicitly sexualised the material.

SDC have images of Children on their Facebook website.

SDC Data Protection Policy and Guidance can be found here Data Protection see page 2 under Polices and Guidance and click the link and it shows this error not found.

It’s elementary my dear reader, I mean primary school stuff elementary. Primary Schools  gain consent for using your child’s image. This they do by having a photographic and publicity permission form, to allow the children to be photographed and this photograph/s to be used in promotional literature. No such SDC Policy or form, could be located on their website;  which would ask the same of parents to allow SDC to use image/s of their children on SDC’s Facebook Page. Do SDC  obtain parental consent before they use the image/s of children on their Facebook page?

A local primary school St Eanswythes has such a form one. Has any parent, apart from an employee of SDC, ever been asked to fill in such a form? I don’t know. Have you?

What is SDC’s policy for their Facebook Page? Has it been discussed by the elected members? Have they voted on it? Are there minutes which record Cllrs, all Cllrs, placing themselves on the record for the safety and security of Shepway’s children on their Facebook page?


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