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In today’s Daily Mail German Police warn parents to stop putting pictures of their children on social media to stop them being shared by paedophiles because the internet never forgets.

There are images of children on SDC’s Facebook Page, something we have spoken about before see: SDC’s Facebook Page .

SDC need to get consent see here: Guidance_Note_on_use_of_images      page 6 onwards. It not only for children, it is for adults and staff. It is not known if SDC have a policy as there is nothing on their website – nothing publicly avaliable.

So if you or anyone you know are on SDC’s Facebook page, then contact . Let him know if you want the pictures taken down asap. He and SDC are obliged to do so if they did not have your consent.

Now we must stress that if you posted your photos on their Facebook page , then you have formally given consent. However, if they have taken a photo of you or your child  and posted it without consent, then they must take it down if notified.

The Daily Mail’s article goes on to state

“The force’s Facebook messages added: ‘Your child may even be bullied with the pictures. Or, worse: Paedophiles may use the pictures for their own purposes or publish them on other sites.

Pictures of children should never be posted on social media, because the internet never forgets.

‘Show the pictures to grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends in person. It’s a much nicer anyway to talk and smile about them together.’

Something we and no doubt countless parents will agree with.


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