Money, Money, Money … Or Why your Council Tax is a Little Higher.

Buried deep in the SDC’s General Fund Revenue original budget 2015/16, Appendix 2 – The General Fund summary –  where the money for Cllr’s Allowances & Expenses are, demonstrate less cost more.

These are the Members [read Cllrs] Allowances & Expenses for the following years.

2013/14    £ 352,094       47 Cllrs

2014/15    £ 405,160       47 Cllrs

2015/16    £ 371,610       30 Cllrs

See page 21 of this document → Appendix 2

At the Full Council Meeting on Thursday 19th February, 2015 Cllrs were asked by SDC to reduce their allowances and expenses for 2015/16 from £345,680 to £225,750, and the subsequent saving of £119,930 be reflected in a further reduction in SDC’s charge on local Council Tax Payers. That being you the residents of Shepway.

See bottom of the page of this link → Vote Result

As you can imagine Cllrs choose consciously NOT to lower their Allowances and Expenses for the next financial year, even though their numbers were to be reduced from 47 Cllrs in 14/15 to 30 Cllrs in 15/16.

What that means is they chose, CONSCIOUSLY to keep themselves in the money, even though there would be less of them.

Of course it went to a vote, this was the outcome

(Voting: For 4; Against 33; Abstentions 1) The amendment was LOST.

Cllrs Expenses were in 2014/15,  £405,160 for 47 Cllrs. This was an increase of £53,066  on the previous years expenses and allowances, which were  £352,094  for 47 Cllrs.

What was the cause of this significant increase?

Poor Accountancy by Cllrs?

[ There is currently an investigation into TWO Cllrs expenses claims].

If not, might someone at SDC kindly explain the reasons to us, the residents of Shepway how the substantial increase occurred?

And who were the 33 Cllrs who voted against reducing their Allowances and Expenses, causing US the local Council Tax Payers, to carry the burden of their conscious greed?

It must be remembered some Cllrs do/did not claim any expenses, and receive/d only their basic allowance, such as Former Cllr Lynne Beaumont, Cllr Dearden and a few others.



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