Cllr Peter Simmons Expenses Claims 2014/15

As promised Shepwayvox has upload Cllr Peter Simmons expenses claims for the year 2014 – 15. It must be remembered Cllr Simmons ran a small business giving tax advice and is an accountant.

Cllr Simmons Expenses 2014-15

As we have originally said it appears that there are no anomalies except for when Mr Tillson was in the car.

However, it has been alleged that he claimed full travelling expenses whilst also charging another councillor – former Cllr Russell Tillson to drive him to meetings.

Another allegation is that he claimed 45 pence per mile and an additional 25 pence for driving the former cabinet member to meetings, even though he was not required to attend and again claimed full expenses for himself along with accepting payment from the former cabinet member.

A well placed source says “At best he acted irresponsibly, its not even about the amount of money, its about the fact that he is an accountant.”

Did Cllr Simmons make these claims from when he was first elected four years prior to the last election in May 2015? So is this this a case of one isolated year or more?

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We await the report.


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