Do you feel safe now?

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Cllr David Drury Monk (pictured) is the Leader of Shepway District Council.

He has in a previous life been a “Businessman”/” Entrepreneur” .

He has been involved with the following companies

TopicPark Ltd otherwise known as Sabre Conservatories, Windows & Doors

He was a Director. On Tuesday 1st Oct 2002

“it has been proved… that the Company cannot, by reason of its liabilities, continue its business” D D Monk, Director –  London Gazzette

Cllr David Drury Monk was also a Director in Starbyte Limited; which was Incorporated on 30 Jan 1997. Starbyte Limited was struck off according to the London Gazette on or around the 25 Nov 2011.

Newstyle Windows and Fascias Ltd  was another company Cllr David “Drury” Monk was involved with. He was a company secretary from 26 July 1996. This company too was struck off on or around the 8 May 1998 according to the London Gazette.

On the 1/4/1999 Cllr David Drury Monk becomes a Director in Apex Conservatory Roof Systems Ltd. On or around the 23 June 2006 Apex was struck off according to the London Gazette.

Cllr David “Drury” Monk, a man not legally liable for Council Tax, a man in charge of your Council, as his party, the Tory Party, hold the balance of power, has had to wind up a company and has been struck off on several occasions, assures us the Council’s Budget is “safe” in his hands.

With a track record like this in Business do you the residents of Shepway feel safe now, knowing that Cllr David “Drury” Monk is in control of the Council’s budget?


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5 Comments on Do you feel safe now?

  1. My answer has to be a resounding NO! There is little record of fiscal intelligence embodied in what you report and, to be honest, I am not sure I would trust him to walk my dog.

    I do know, however, that he encouraged the Folkestone Town Mayor to utter a false statement on her nomination form, a criminal offence, and brooked no refute when challenged by members of Council as to the validity.

    The man is persuing a course to establish his own autrocricy and should be stopped.

  2. Must agree with you both. Every word is true.
    He now wants Otterpool Park to become a reality. Just hope the Planning Inspector will stop it.

  3. I’m just now finding your website and thank you for your work. Monk gave the green light the first day of the first lockdown for a beautiful garden next to a care home on Earls Avenue to be destroyed in order to build six luxury homes. Absolutely callous, greedy, and nepotistic. And this is just the supposed conservation-protected area here. The ruination of Folkestone is happening apace everywhere under his leadership. An utter crook and apologist for the criminals in Westminster.

  4. Would not trust MONK any further than I could throw him with my little finger!

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