Couldn’t Organise a Bun Fight in a Bakery

SDC promised that the new Economic Development Website would be up an running by the beginning of Novemeber 15. Almost one month later, the site appears not to be “live”.

Red Bullet won the contract back in Aug 15 see here.

In a conversation overheard by a member of our team – between an SDC employee and a member of the public – we understand that the website may not be “live” now until Jan 2016.

Hands up all those who think Senior Management at SDC couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery?

The public sector is littered with IT failures, such as the NHS, Defence Home Office etc. But a website for economic development for Shepway overseen by SDC, costing no more than £17,200 couldn’t be up and ready by the beginning of this Month [Nov15]. Why?

If as SDC says its priority is to “Boost the local economy and increase job opportunities” we at Shepwayvox fail to understand how SDC have failed to meet their own deadline. Will heads roll?

Probably not!





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2 Comments on Couldn’t Organise a Bun Fight in a Bakery

  1. Sirs, you are being unfair.
    The organisation of a Bun Fight in a bakery would be simple for SDC. Firstly they would employ Consulants, what else is our Council Tax for?
    Then they would debate the matter and decide to note the issue but take no further action.
    My experience is that this is how it works.

  2. £17,000 for a web site? Nice work if you can get it

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