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The extent of ownership of British land by offshore companies, generally for tax avoidance and often to conceal dubious wealth is alive and well in Shepway.

If you know who the owner of any of these properties please do get in touch.

All of the properties below And these Properties can be found on Google Maps

Flat 10, Laburnham Court, Westbourne Gardens, Folkestone,, CT20 2HZ [Leasehold] Owners M F & L LIMITED in the Isle of Man. Registered in 2006. Price unknown.

Quain Court, Sandgate Road, Folkestone, CT20 2HH. Owners TUSCOLA (104) LIMITED in the British Virgin Islands.  Registered in 31/01/2013. Price £51,350

125, Homepine House, Sandgate Road, Folkestone, CT20 2XD. Leasehold THE CAPITAL APPRECIATION TRUST LIMITED in Guernsey. Registered in 2007. Price £69,000

24, Carlton Leas, Folkestone,, CT20 2DJ. Leasehold LOGAN MANAGEMENT LIMITED in Jersey. Registered 28/12/2011 Price unknown.

84, Sandgate Road, Folkestone,, CT20 2AA. Owners HOMESCO LIMITED in the British Virgin Islands. Registered 18/04/2005. Price £467,500.

57-59, Sandgate Road, Folkestone, CT20 1TU. Owners EAGLE CREST (FOLKESTONE) LIMITED in the British Virgin Islands. Registered  04/09/2012. Price £1,065,295 EXCLUSIVE OF VAT

27, Sandgate Road, and 6 and 7 West Cliff Gardens, Folkestone. Owners INDEPENDENT TRUSTEE COMPANY LIMITED in Ireland. Registered 03/12/2010. Price unknown.

7, Sandgate Road, Folkestone, CT20 1SB. Owners SOUTHERN PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED in Gibraltar. Registered 22/11/2006. Price £270,500

Flat 51a, 51 St Michaels Street, Folkestone,, CT20 1LS. Leasehold M F & L LIMITED. Registered 29/07/2008. Price £77,250

180, Dover Road, Folkestone, CT20 1NX. Owners BALCHAN MANAGEMENT LIMITED in GUERNSEY.  Registered 12/05/2010. Price £118,000

Unit A, Park Farm Industrial Estate, Park Farm Road, Folkestone and Parking Area,, CT19 5EH. Owners KENWYN PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LIMITED based in Guernsey. Registered 11/10/2011. Price £1,105,000


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  1. It goes to show what I’ve always said .the rich get richer buy bending the laws as they employ the rule makers and now how to get around them.

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