“Selling England By the Offshore Pound?”

Chris Lewis Planning Officer of Shepway District Council has been working on “special projects“. One of these “special projects” is a new “High End Business Park“.

If the Lorry Park, Site 1, David Thomas Holt’s land is eventually built upon, then J11 becomes a more viable site to develop. A possible site with potential is a piece of offshore land owned by

SEABREEZE INVESTMENTS FINANCIAL HOLDINGS LIMITED(incorporated in guernsey)(UK Regn. No. Guernsey) of 3rd Floor, Wolverhampton Place, Market Square, St Peter Port, Guernsey. SEABREEZE own the land on the west side of the B2068 road on the northside of the M20 at junction 11,

The following document is from the Land Registry and shows the deeds and the title plan pg 4. There is access already in place:


In the deed on page 3 you can see some company names: Weaver Hotels (Kent II) Limited was dissolved in May 1997. The other companies mentioned appear not to be on Companies House Register.

In an Area of Natural Beauty is this possible development site, a site SDC have earmarked as a “Special Project?”

I suppose the only way to find out is ask the Cllrs who represent this ward. They are:

Cllr Susan Carey is both a District a County Cllr. In 2014/15 Cllr Carey claimed expenses and allowances totaling  £35’343.63 

susan.carey@kent.gov.uk , susan.carey@shepway.gov.uk

In 2014/15 Cllr Jennifer Hollingsbee claimed expenses and allowances totaling



The Leader of the Council, Cllr David “Drury” Monk in 2014/15 claimed expenses and allowances totaling,








1 Comment on “Selling England By the Offshore Pound?”

  1. why does this not surprise me I am filled with sadness at hop our beautiful countryside is being sold off piece by piece when will people wake up when its all gone ? think people this is just the start


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