J11 Stop 24 Appearances can be Deceptive

Stop 24 Services at J11 Stanford appears to be a normal Motorway Service Area. However, as we known appearances can be deceptive.

On the (17.11.1995) A Transfer of the land dated 2 October 1995 was made between (1) Gerald Alan Hardy (2) Stanford MSA Limited and (3) Carolyn Hardy, Price unknown.

On (31.10.1996) an Agreement for lease of Unit B1 was made on the 17 October 1996 in favour of The District Council of Shepway for 21 years upon the terms therein mentioned. So there are approximately 2 years left to run on the lease agreement SDC have. How much does it cost them, per year? What do SDC use Unit B1 for? How much has it cost since 1996 to lease unit B1?

On (19.03.2004) a UNILATERAL NOTICE in respect of an Option Agreement dated 5 March 2004 made between (1) Saltwood MSA Limited and (2) Henry Boot Developments Limited. The (19.03.2004) BENEFICIARY of this option agreement was  Henry Boot Developments Limited (Co Regn No 1390361) of Banner Cross Hall, Sheffield S11 9PD. Henry Boot Developments Ltd are ultimately owned by Henry Boot PLC.

On (19.09.2005) UNILATERAL NOTICE affecting Unit R6 in respect of an agreement for lease dated 5 September 2005 made between (1) Henry Boot Developments Limited (2) Saltwood MSA Limited and Alpha Airport Holdings (UK) Limited. The (19.09.2005) BENEFICIARY was : Alpha Airport Holdings (UK) Limited of Eurpoa House, 804 Bath Road, Cranford, Middx, TW5 9US. On (27.10.2005) UNILATERAL NOTICE in respect of the kiosk at the Concourse in respect of Agreement for Lease was agreed. Alpha Airport Holdings (UK) Limited is owned by Alpha Airports Group PLC


On (27.10.2005) BENEFICIARY: Foodco UK LLP trading as Muffin Break of care of Staines Rand, 10 Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BA. On (30.11.2005) The land edged and numbered 2 in blue is subject to a yearly rent charge of £1 created by a Deed dated 23 September 2005 made between (1) The Secretary of State for Transport (2) Saltwood MSA  Limited and (3) The Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited.

At the Time of the agreement The Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited was Controlled by Thaksin Shinawatra Primie Minister of Thailand (and former owner of Manchester City Football Club) who was later found guilty in absentia of Corruption and other charges. According to the Arabian Business Network the UK froze $4.2 billion of his assets in the UK. However, the UK government has not confirmed or denied this claim.

So who are Foodco UK LLP, well according to Companies House on of the designated members of the LLP are FOODCO GROUP PTY LIMITED, address: Unit 215f1,, Building 215, The Entertainment Quarter, 122 Lang Road, Sydney, Nsw 2021, Australia.

The second designated member is Foodco Management UK Ltd, address: Allways House, Castle Park, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB3 0AJ.

The final designated member is RIDINGS INVESTMENTS LIMITED, address 97-101, Hobson Street, Auckland, New Zealand

On (11.01.2006) a UNILATERAL NOTICE affecting Unit A6 in respect of a Conditional Agreement for Lease dated 22 December 2005 made between (1) Henry Boot Developments Limited (2) Saltwood MSA Limited and (3) EAT Limited.

On (11.01.2006) BENEFICIARY: EAT Limited (Co. Regn. No. 3213728) of 34 Fourth Way, Wembley, Middx, HA9 0TP and care of Ms Emma Johnson, EAT Cafe, 319 Regent Street, London, W1.

So who owns EAT, well one owner eventually is Appleby Trust (jersey) Ltd  Well according to their website Appleby Jersey states: Appleby Trust (Jersey) Limited is an established and successful company, with close to 50 staff, managing over 800 structures for private and corporate clients and with over £4 billion worth of assets under administration. Our fiduciary operation in Jersey. So an offshore Company.

Eat is also part owned by Lyceum Capital Partners LLP and can be seen here http://www.lyceumcapital.co.uk/portfolio/eat/. Lyceum is a Private Equity Company so some of its funds are opaque.

Finally Stop 24 Services LLP are registered at Stop 24. There are three designated members of the LLP. They are Channel Ports Ltd. Paul Sommer and Charles Sommer, according to Companies House.

David Monk can be seen with representatives of Channel Ports and Henry Boot Developments 

From Right David Monk, leader of Shepway District Council, Luke Davenport of Henry Boot Developments and Paul Wells, of Channel Ports Ltd,

Henry Boot PLC have a construction Arm. Henry Boot Construction Ltd and Banner Plant Limited. Henry Boot Construction Ltd could legitimately tender for the development of the Lorry Park and Banner Plant Ltd could then hire HB, all their plant. 

See here →  Henry Boot  and Henry Boot 2

A Limited Liability Partnerships is not a Taxable Entity Itself. “LLP’s have great appeal for if LLP members can also claim that they are not a taxable entity in the UK, there is nothing to trouble the taxman and no inconvenient questions will be asked by the authorities about what the LLP is up to.” [Private Eye 1340]

We are not suggesting in any way any of the companies mentioned have done anything improper. It is just funny we think that when you look at Stop 24 Services at J11 all is not what it seems, as we said, appearances can be deceptive.


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