Jeremy Chambers Dismissed For Gross Misconduct.



It is now known that Jeremy Chambers (pictured) former Corporate Director for Strategic Operations has been summarily dismissed for Gross Misconduct. Initially, Shepway District Council made it clear in an email to all Cllrs that he had been made redundant.

It has been alleged, that Jeremy was placed on gardening leave recently, (in Sept 2017) due to sexual harassment allegations made against him by a female member of staff. It is understood that there was more than one allegation. Whether or not this was over a period of time or on a specific date the allegations were received by Shepway District Council, is unknown.

Mr Chambers made it known on his Linkedin page that he was looking for his next career move – a local authority chief executive – as long ago as Jan 2017. Mr Chambers is a qualified Solicitor. We believe any career move may now be on hold or completely suspended.

Screenshot from 2017-09-28 16-29-46

It is understood that all Cllrs received an email late last week setting out that Mr Chambers had been made redundant. At that moment it had not be relayed to Cllrs that Mr Chambers was summarily dismissed for Gross Misconduct.


Whether or not Mr Chambers (pictured) will be entitled to an “exit package” is unknown. It is not normally the case. A Freedom of Information Request has been lodged with Shepway District Council by our public face, to discover whether or not he will, or will not, receive an exit package.

Do you think Shepway District Council ought to inform you the public, the reason/s for his dismissal? If it is for sexual harassment allegations, as alleged, we personally believe that ought to be made public. We also believe these matters ought to be brought to the attention of the local Constabulary for investigation.

The Shepwayvox Team


1 Comment on Jeremy Chambers Dismissed For Gross Misconduct.

  1. SDC officials couldn’t even manage to tell their own counciliars the truth then..

    In my opinion that shows a complete disregard for the victim.

    Well done SV – if it wasn’t for your information gathering, this sordid episode would all have been swept under the carpet.

    Liked by 1 person

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