Sorry We Haven’t a Clue.

On Jan 8th we brought you The Cat is Out of The Bag which was about the land at Otterpool Lane.

Now, thanks to a reader of Shepwayvox ,we can tell you that it appears that after spending nearly £5.3 million on the land at Otterpool Lane, SDC are at a loss with what to do with it.

Catherine Igoe who is working for SDC states: ” I am working for Shepway at the moment and we (who is we?) were asked by the Chief Exec (Alistair Stewart) to ask “far and wide” and to use social media, if appropriate, to consider what we as Shepway Residents would like to happen to the land.”

She goes onto say:

“Housing, Employment and Liesure options were/are all on the table. Nothing in planning yet though.”

Far and Wide

So SDC have no idea what they want to use the land for, or so it would appear. Now they are asking you the residents of Shepway for your ideas. Now that’s admirable  but not to have a clue what you want to do with land that cost £5.3 million beggars belief.

We know SDC have set up a working group made up of Councillor Susan Carey, Councillor Jenny Hollingsbee, Councillor Rory Love, Councillor Malcolm Dearden, Councillor David Godfrey and leader of the Council, Councillor David “Drury” Monk to look at development opportunities presenting themselves in and around Junction 11 of the M20.

This crack team of Tory Cllrs is being overseen by SDC Corporate Director Susan Priest.

We find it amusing that after spending a lot of cash, SDC don’t appear to have a clue what to do with the land. We also find it amusing that even if residents of Shepway do say what they would like to go on the large site, will they be listened to? We doubt it as SDC do not have a good track record in listening.


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  1. Margaret C // January 27, 2016 at 10:28 // Reply

    Rent it out to farmers , keep it as agricultural land with a caveat that says it is public land and can never be built on!

  2. At the last sellindge council meeting councillor jenny Hollingsbee promised this land would stay agricultural .what we as tax payers want to see is £120,000 plus per annum back as this is what 5 million invested would return.

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