Everything’s Gone Green

Every thing’s Gone Green so New Order said and no more so than in Hythe South Ward by-election.  No polling cards were sent out on the basis that it would cost too much. How did HTC come to that decision when it spent so much on the Green? Anyway, the by-election  which many of you might have missed because you blinked, has given us a result. 

The Vote Result:

Green Party                       389 votes Elected

Conservatives                   165 votes

UKIP                                      84 votes

Labour                                  47 Votes

Independent                       10 votes

Ashley Tanton has been duly elected  for the Green Party .

Perhaps the Tories got a drubbing because of what they did with regards to the Green. Possible!

Only two things spoiled the evening

1 Jeremy Chambers SDC Officer using his mobile in a restricted area.

2 The Conservative candidate did not congratulate the winner, as all the other candidates did. Shouldn’t one be magnanimous in defeat?

So Hythe South Ward has gone green.  Congratulations and good luck in your efforts Cllr Tanton, may the force be with you as they say.





2 Comments on Everything’s Gone Green

  1. I got 84 votes (UKIP) NB I do enjoy receiving your information !


  2. Wot no Lib Dem?


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