A Curate’s Egg

In a conversation with a sitting Conservative Cllr the Vox were informed that the new Broom and head of Communities, Sarah Robson (Since Nov 15)   has reorganised her department.  This is partly due to the ever shrinking budget SDC receive from Central Govt.

In the latest reshuffle our friendly Conservative Cllr informs us that Tamasin Jarrett,


who has been with SDC for 15 years, and received £13,708 – in what we the Vox believe was a conflict of interest – from SDC in grants for her & her husband’s company,  walked out of the Civic Centre apparently, when a reorganisation was announced. 

Another person to lose their position; which is a great shame, as he is a great man is Wilbert Greaves  SDC’s Sports Development Officer and ex Olympian at the 1980 and 1984 Olympic Games (below)

Wilbert on both occasions reached the semi finals in the 110 metres hurdles and did Britain proud. Our Conservative Cllr source was particularly disturbed that a man who had achieved so much was being put out to grass. It is understood that Wilbert will work out his notice, to him personally, we extend our thanks for his fine efforts for our country and his service to our district.

As for Mrs Jarret what can we say except farewell. No doubt their will be further “grants” from SDC to allow her company to keep her busy.



2 Comments on A Curate’s Egg

  1. Is this lady anything to do with Andy Jarrett; the guy who stitched up the 5.2M land deal along with Stewart and Monk without a full committee meeting?


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