Will Damien Collins Publish his Tax Affairs?

This is Damien Collins MP for Folkestone & Hythe

His boss David Cameroon, Prime Minister of the UK has as we all now know  published a summary and explanation of his tax affairs going back six years”. It was not his complete tax returns, but a schedule prepared by chartered accountants.

We call upon Mr.Damien Collins MP to follow in the footsteps of the Prime Minister and divulge to the electorate of Shepway, a summary and explanation of his tax affairs. It would demonstrate publicly that he supports transparency, accountability and that he does have a moral compass. If Mr Collins has nothing to hide, he should reveal as soon as possible; thus avoiding any potential embarrassment, as suffered by the Prime Minister.

So Mr Collins, will you kindly publish a summary and explanation of your tax returns as soon as possible. We believe the people of Shepway, your electorate, would like to know that you are an honest man when it comes to paying your taxes and that you have not used any tax havens or been party to any tax avoidance. Shepwayvox is NOT saying Mr Collins has done anything wrong. In the current climate we believe this is a legitimate question to ask.

Mr Collins has been criticised in the past for giving talks to an elite bank and is publicly available for all to see.

We hope Mr Damien Collins MP for Folkestone & Hythe will publish his tax affairs like the Prime Minister real soon.

You can  contact him and let him know your views. His is also available on facebook too.

Finally, in the Youtube link below by Chris Coltrane, from 10mins 15 Seconds – 10mins 45seconds you can see Mr Collins MP dearly defending his beloved leader. Enjoy.

The News For Idiots – Ep8: The Panama Papers & David Cameron


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