Folkestone Mayor Failed to Pay Council Tax

Kent Online have run a story about the leader of Thanet Council not paying his council tax

The Cllr sets out his reason for non-payment. Now we know people have plausible and legitimate reasons for not being able to pay their council tax. In Sept 2015 a member of the Public asked the following question at a full Council Meeting

“What are the numbers of Shepway residents who have received a summons to courtfor non payment of council tax and received letters from bailiffs employed by SDC fornon payment of council tax for the years 2003-18 August 2015?”

The answers are available on page 1 and 2 of this document Schedule 1 public questions and answe

Now two of the people who received reminder letters & summonses were former Cllr David Wimble (New Romney) and Former SDC Cllr Emily Arnold for the year 2013/14 (below, now Mayor of Folkestone) This information was gained via FOI.

Now Ms Arnold (then Sanger) owed £1505.69 and was summonsed to court. Mayor Arnold settled the bill and all was right with the world again. No doubt the Mayor had cash flow issues as well, as did the 106,106 people who received summonses to court between 2003 – & Aug 2015 of which she & Mr Wimble were only 2.

We are reporting this as we believe it is in the interest of a fair and unbiased press.

Now to give credit where credit is due the Mayor has just recently raised over £7000 for good causes for her chosen charities, at a dance at the Leas Cliff Hall .

Now we do not know if the Kentonline were aware that our Mayor or Mr Wimble hadn’t paid their Council Tax, we just personally felt that in the interest of a balanced press, it is not just UKIP Cllrs who have problems, it is Conservatives Cllrs as well.


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4 Comments on Folkestone Mayor Failed to Pay Council Tax

  1. Folkestone Mayor not paying her Council Tax? Surely not! That would be dishonest.

  2. Emily Arnold ( Current Mayor ) not paying her Council Tax? So what, all it costs the rest of us is increased Tax to cover the shortfall. I would have thought her benefit claims coupled with her income from working ‘Six days per week’ would have been more than adequate to discharge her liabilities.

  3. Meldrew // May 6, 2016 at 19:54 // Reply

    I wonder if Council Tax is claimable against Councillor’s expenses?

  4. So just because Emily arnold raised a lot of money for good causes, her council tax non payment should be forgotten….. if shepwayvox hadn’t highlighted it, would she still have paid it, probably not…. Not a fitting action for a mayor, how long till she no longer is a mayor, the sooner the better!

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