Luck of the Draw.

Recently we received an email from the Nepalese Community about the Clean for the Queen event in Sandgate.

Cllr Jan Holben (below) sits on both SDC and Sandgate Parish Council

On Sunday 14th February 2016, a clean for the Queen event took place in Sandgate. Now raffle tickets were part of the day but for some obscure reason only women were allowed to have them for some inexplicable reason.

Cllr Holben being one of the ladies, duly went onto to win the prize, which was a bottle of Champagne. Now there is nothing wrong in legitimately winning a bottle of bubbly.

Apparently, so we are reliably informed there were a  few disgruntled faces, especially amongst SDC staff who were also present (3 so we are informed reliably). They, so it seems, were under the impression that Cllr Holben might decline the prize, but oh no, she duly obliged and has no doubt go on to consume the contents.

Congratulations Cllr Holben. fair play to you!!!


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