How To Get Your Hands on Some of £347,064

So we have informed you that the Council have received £347,064 and that it can be spent by the community on community things.

How can the Bonus be used?

New Homes Bonus is an un-ringfenced grant, which means local authorities are free to decide how to spend it, as they are in the best position to make decisions about local priorities. As un-ringfenced grant, Bonus funds can be spent on either revenue or capital, strategic projects, or placed in a local authority’s reserves. There is no time limit on when the funds can be spent.

However, the Government expects local authorities to engage with the communities most affected by housing growth to decide how the money is spent, so residents can share in the benefits of growth.

A Case Study
Because the New Homes Bonus is paid as an unringfenced grant, authorities are using it in a variety of ways. Below  is an example of how  the Bonus fund was used in Uttlesford (Essex).
“Uttlesford District Council are allocating some of its new Homes Bonus to fund a new hi-tech shelter for teenagers at Carver Barracks including Bluetooth and MP3 player. The power supply comes from the teenagers using crank handles which means that the battery will never go flat. It forms part of a larger new play park. The idea for the project came from a committee – The Rowney Community Park Fund
– made up of soldiers’ wives.”

So you can see that the money can be used by Community Groups to help them in a variety of ways. However, if you do not lobby both SDC or your local Cllr, then guess what will happen to the money?

So now you know that it is possible, give it a go, even though SDC as far as we can tell have never advertised this money anywhere on their website. Lobby them and your Cllr and don’t take No for an answer.

Here is the New_Homes_Bonus_Bulletin which can provide you with more advice and understanding on how to get your hands on the £347,064


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  1. Meanwhile SDC just handed our counciliars a nice brand new Ipad each at a cost of £18,500

    Apparently the £18,500 will be rocouped over 18 months by savings in
    paper of £9,700 and postage £1,300

    Thank goodness they didn’t decide to give each counciliar a “Smartphone” – that would be too ironic..

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