Panama Papers Across Shepway

The Panama Papers have come to Shepway. Mossack Fosenca the 4th Largest provider of offshore entities in the world had customers from across three postcode districts in Shepway.

The Postcodes are CT19, CT20 and  CT21. This does not mean there are not more, as other customers may have used other companies similar to Mossack Fosenca.

CT19 is as we posted earlier today, a one Tracy Anita Conroy


12 CAMBRIDGE GARDENS FOLKESTONE, KENT ENGLAND CT20 1DB. The Property is owned by YUK TONG CHIANG and PIK HANG CHIANG according to the land registry. They have owned it since 19.05.1983.

The Address is linked to ABRAAJ CLUB HOLDINGS LIMITED; which is linked to the Cayman Islands. The Shareholders and beneficiary’s, of which there are 12,  are SIGNATURE CLUBS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED and Signature is based in British Virgin Islands. It was incorporated in 2005, and Signature’s address in in Dubai UAE, according to the Panama Papers.

Flat 6 George Cooper House; 20-21 The Leas; Folkestone; Kent CT20 2DY, according to the land registry is a leasehold. The leasehold is registered to GEORGE COOPER HOUSE LIMITED Linked to this address are 2 names, firstly MARIA ELENA BUCKLEY DE NINO (Urguyian) & is a shareholder in a company called Resman Group Ltd The same is true for CRISTOBAL GERARDO NINO, who is also Urguyian and linked to Resman Group Ltd as a shareholder, according to the Panama Paper data.

First floor Flat A; 37 Bouverie Square; Folkstone; Kent; CT20 1BA, the registered owners are COUNTRY COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES LIMITED according to the land registry. The Lenders of £150,000 were The BANK OF SCOTLAND & KENT COUNTY COUNCIL. Linked to this address is CHEN Jing, who is a shareholder in PROPITIOUS GROUP LTD. & FOOK TAI HOLDINGS LIMITED both registered in the British Virgin Islands and both incorporated in Kowloon, Hong Kong on the 31/01/13 and 26/04/13 respectively.

37 BOUVERIE SQUARE; FOLKSTONE; KENT; CT20 1BA, the registered owners are COUNTRY COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES LIMITED as above. Linked to this address is a WEI WANWU who is linked to China and who is a shareholder in TRICHEMICAL CO., LTD. registered in Samoa and incorporated on 11/4/13 and has it service address in Hong Kong. Trichemical is a Shareholder in MOSSFON SUBSCRIBERS LTD. which has 3882 companies/entities registered to it through a company address in Amman,Jordan.


WHITE HOUSE, CASTLE ROAD SALTWOOD HYTHE CT21 4QY KENT UK, the registered owners are JULIAN CHARLES BERRY and MARGARET ELLEN BERRY. Linked to this address according to the Panama Papers was a YI XIAO MIN  linked to China and a shareholder in GOLDENSOURCE INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD. registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Also registered at this address are 6 companies of which Mr Julian Charles Berry is a one of the named Directors. All six companies are registered in Gibraltar; which is an offshore jurisdiction.

All Information comes from the Panama Papers Database and the Land Registry.

There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. We do not intend to suggest or imply that any persons, companies or other entities have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly.



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  1. Voice of true economics // May 11, 2016 at 07:10 // Reply

    What SV failS to understand is that if by publishing such data, these investors move, then they take the local jobs created in Shepway away too. Economies need fat cats and money that create paid jobs and local wealth. Drive the money away and the jobs leave too. Well done Shepwayvox.

  2. “Downing Street said Mr Cameron’s plans for a register of foreign companies owning UK property would include those who already owned property in the UK as well as those seeking to buy.”

    We’re all going to hell in a hand-cart then aren’t we.

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