Double Standards

We know that SDC are as transparent as the darkest night in an Antarctic winter. Well now we know they, SDC,  have the pretence of having virtues, beliefs, principles, etc., that they do not actually possess. In short, their behaviour is hypocritical.

If you walk out of the Civic Centre and go up the steps directly in front of their offices and turn right you end up here: see below.

Where the gentleman is on the right is where SDC workers, who smoke, tend to gather. As there are no ashtray where do the cigarette butts go?

Now on Monday and Wednesday of last week (23rd & 25th May 2016) We watched SDC staff discard cigarette butts on the floor and not give a second thought to their behaviour.

In March 2016 the Hawkinge Gazette ran a story about the return of the ‘fag butt police’ in Folkestone. Two people were each given an £80 Fixed Penalty Notice for littering. Why is it that SDC’s Environmental Protection Officers never bother to fine their own staff? Is it a case of one rule for them and another for the public? On the evidence we have seen it would appear to be the case. We think such hypocritical behaviour does not sit well with the Public of Shepway. Also, in what other areas of their authority are they applying double standards?

Cllr Stuart Peall is the  Cabinet Member responsible for the Environment.

SDC Environmental Protection Officers come under his remit. Is he aware of this hypocritical behaviour? Will he act and inform SDC’s Environmental Protection Officers to start fining SDC staff for littering? What do you think? Or will SDC staff now move somewhere more discreet and continue with their behaviour? Who knows!

What we do know is it is further evidence of SDC’s double standards and hypocritical behaviour.


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  1. Do as i say not as i do springs to mind, I think that S D C & HAWKINGE TOWN COUNCIL are as transparent as a brown paper bag.

  2. or even a brown envelope

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