SDC accepted proposal for Garden Village in March 2015 and Value of land will rise to more than £1 billion.

In March 2015 Shepway District Council accepted the proposals of a Consultant specialist in town planning and regeneration. He  – Andrew Lainton, – who grew up in the area – proposed to SDC that around Sellindge was an excellent location for a Garden City. (See source of quote below)

For SDC to say they were not aware of the garden city possibility to March 2016, is a misrepresentation of the facts. To say that they were only recently interested in putting forward an ‘expression of interest‘to be discussed at the Cabinet meeting this evening (5pm) behind closed doors, is utter rubbish and they know it.

Alistair Stewart, CEO of SDC, DID NOT give the required notice on the forthcoming key decisions regarding Otterpool Park. Only yesterday did SDC put it on their website and then backdated it. How stupid do they think we the residents of Shepway are? Well, we can tell Mr Stewart, that Google, Yahoo, Bing et al make cached copies of websites and guess what,  between the 30/05/16 and the 3rd June 2016, all cached copies of the forthcoming key decisions page on SDC’s website does not show the Otterpool Park decisions; which will be discussed at 5pm today 08/06/16. So if the meeting goes ahead it will be UNLAWFUL.

Mr Stewart is known for Misrepresentating the Facts.

If the Secretary of State grants permission for the Garden Village to go ahead the likely value of the land with consent, granted by SDC – will be over 1 billion pounds. The land around Otterpool Manor Farm cost SDC £5.23 million. So this is one reason why so many flies are circling the cow pat.

Otterpool Lane Land

Shepway really grasp the principle of land value uplift as they bought it at agricultural value in January – The Cat is Out of the Bag– which must make the original farmer the stupidest man in Britain.

It is a shame though that the principle that the uplift be used to fund services in the Garden City will instead be used to plug the black hole in Shepway’s finances.’

All quotes are taken from Andrew Lainton – website.

There is a single comment made by Elfed R. Williams LLM MA FRICS MRTPI, CHARTERED SURVEYORS | CHARTERED TOWN PLANNERS and it says

The poor Farmer was not well advised was he !’ We at Shepwayvox think this is the understatement of 2016, so far. Perhaps someone who knows the farmer/s might wish to tell them, as they may well have a legal case.

Oh and one final thing, Cllr David Monk, answers to his critics with words like “It is not green space. Most of the time it’s brown, it’s mud, brown mud. It’s cockalooloo land. It is agricultural fields. You can’t say we can’t build on fields. It hardly affects anyone.” (quoted in Folkestone Herald 12/5/16) is stupid.  Why so? Well,  Soil is a key component in the world’s greenhouse gas systems, though often overlooked. It absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, making it one of the world’s biggest stores of carbon dioxide, along with the oceans and the world’s forests. About a fifth of the world’s man-made carbon is held in soils. So building on the land, scraping of the soil, will release more greenhouse gases, now that we think is cockalooloo.



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2 Comments on SDC accepted proposal for Garden Village in March 2015 and Value of land will rise to more than £1 billion.

  1. You suggest that Alistair Stewart may have lied. Surely not, Mr Stewart would never lie, except of course in the case of Emily Arnold’s nomination, where it is all but proved.

    Read from this what you will. Does he lie?, would he lie? I know the answer and would be happy to give it.

  2. The phrase ‘expression of interest‘ reminds me of the Nuclear Dump Proposal, which you may recall was the Shepway District Cretins idea of digging up part of Romney Marsh and then filling it back in with Nuclear Waste.

    Except that time there was a referendum on the ‘expression of interest‘ and where the Shepway District Cretins were soundly spanked by the electorate.

    Followed by 2015 and the re-election of the “usual suspects” (minus a few that were culled).

    I wonder if the “spanking” caused the need for secrecy in this matter.

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