The Greatest Political Con Trick of all Time?

We are so bored by the EU referendum campaign especially after last night’s Question time from Folkestone. And just think there is still another 12 days to go to polling day.

We are bored by the television representation that both, whether by design or not, makes it clear that this is in part about Conservative in-fighting and at the same time ignores anything anyone else has to say.

We are very concerned that in all this the substantial political issues that need to be addressed in this country and in our district, are and were ignored on Question Time, and will be if Brexit is to happen as the entire political capital of governments to come is expended on creating new regulation to replace the reasonably functional arrangements that we already have.

As an exercise in neutering the role of both politics and government Brexit has been the best diversion those who have a deep dislike of both democracy and the state could have come up with. It is, to be frank, working at that level, and worryingly is likely to do so for a long time to come.

So let us remind you while all this is going on our state is being sold off.

Inequality is rising.

The economy is under-performing.

Food banks are continuing

Businesses are failing.

We still face another banking crisis as the issues from 2008 have yet to be addressed.

HMRC is being torn apart by politicians who do not want to collect tax so that they have an excuse to shrink the state.

The north-south divide is growing.

Real wages remain insufficient to make ends meet for far too many.

The housing situation is getting worse.

The NHS is at breaking point.

Mental health services are hopelessly inadequate to meet need.

Student debt is crushing opportunity.

Class sizes are growing out of control.

Universal credit is not working.

Social security sanctions are delivering misery to many.

The tax gap remains out of control.

The court system may already be broken.

The planet is burning.

Biodiversity is reducing.

And we are wasting our time debating whether to change the terms of trade with Europe in ways that will have no real impact at all at the end of the day, because we will remain wholly EU compliant, come what may.

Could it be that we’re suffering the greatest political con trick of all time?

We’ll leave you to decide that.


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5 Comments on The Greatest Political Con Trick of all Time?

  1. This referendum is indeed a paradox where it is almost impossible to discern any coherent post-referendum policies from the Brexiteers apart from many vague assumptions of what “might be” in their wonderful new world view.

    We have been part of the EEC/EU since 1973 and it’s possible that we haven’t done so bad by being part of the EEC/EU despite our “free press” telling us otherwise on many occasions.

    Is it such a big deal if the UK becomes wholly EU complaint by remaining – at least our Westminster elite can try to change things as a member of the club.

    What worries me is that if the Brexiteers win then we may look back on “Austerity Britain” and “Thatchers Britain” with a fondness.

    This is a very important referendum in which everyone should use their vote because if you don’t vote then you can’t start whinging.

    • Meldrew, you have put your points sucinctly and with forethought. Unfortunately the howling majority do not wish to consider the finer points and continue to focus on immigration, ignoring the fact that we still have peramiters restricting various forms of such immigration, otherwise why the Calais ghetto?

      I would not be happy with a ‘Brexit’ vote simply on economic reasons. I do not wish to experience a further economic recession such as a ‘Brexit’ vote would bring about.

      Remaining part of the EU would maintain the Status Quo and we would be able to strengthen our position therein with capable delegates ( maybe not those we currently have ). If we do not get sufficient resolve of our disquiet we could always leave at a later date.

      To leave now, and with the possibility that leaving was an unwise decision, does anyone think that an application to re-join would have a favourable reception?

      The phrase, ‘Better the Devil you know’ seems appropriate in this case.

      • Meldrew // June 24, 2016 at 13:22 //

        Sadly the “howling majority” or should that be the “barking majority” have won.

        I had just started working on a five year contract for a Language School in Romania who train their nationals for work in multinationals located in Romania however the contract is now being re-considered by the school owner in the light of the referendum results.

        If the contract goes “bosoms up” then I wonder where I send the “loss of earnings” invoice?

        Right now I am depressed however in time I know I am going to get seriously f**king angry.

  2. To my mind Eddie Izzard was a blooming disgrace with the constant waving of arms and pointing at Nigel Farage for him to admit he and his family were migrants. Quite rightly, a member of the audience was forced to shout out “Shut Up!”

    At one time Izzard became hysterical, in a Russell Brand fashion, by rambling on about running marathons and doing comedy shows in French and German. It wasn’t about him in his attempts to galvanise support across European audiences, and furthermore, if he really wanted to be taken seriously he should have worn a striped jumper, black beret, a string of onions around his neck and drawn a curly moustache instead of the comic pink beret and matching lipstick.

  3. S’VOX I agree with the negative direction points you list and your conclusion,which indeed is also the title of your posting. The EU is definitely a con trick and has been since day one back in ’73. The monstrous Ted Heath bullshitted us well and truly by telling us that we were entering a ‘trading agreement’ when of course history has in fact shown (and even Heath since admitted) that we were in fact on a road to ‘closer political union’. The issues you raise are relatively local and do not touch on the real reasons why we should leave the EU ASAP. The Remain campaign has been relying on public ignorance to generate fear about leaving and keep you in the dark regarding the secret EU agenda(s). For example they don’t tell you that
    Italy’s debt is way over 100% of their GDP and half is due to be repaid within 2 years. That will not happen, they cannot manage that – so forget Greece and their small economy, Italy is the real problem with Spain and France not far behind. These are huge economies and they are heading for serious trouble. If we do not get out of the EU we will definitely be dragged in to bailing them out, whatever the Remain politicos pretend. That is even more money the UK government will have to borrow, just to bail out them out because of their economic incompetence and the failed Euro experiment. We need hear no more about the dangers of staying in – the word on this issue alone is a very big OUT!

    However,infinitely more importantly,It is plain to see that provably our unelected masters at the EU(and unconsciously our own cross party elitists)are and right from the start planning the total abolishion of European nation sovereignty. This will herald the formation of a Europewide superstate-overbearingly bureaurocratic and beyond democracy. The disgusting intention is to transform the face of Europe into a fascist/communist dictatorship. They wouldn’t dare tell us this-we just wouldn’t accept it. So they tell us what we will except-‘a free trade zone’-yeh right! It’s all done by degrees , a form of ‘tip toe totalitarianism’. The flood of immigrants from within and without the EU , soon to become a tidal wave are all part of the grand plan for national dissolution.

    …and the ultimate goal new world order as illustrated by the UN’s agenda 2030- a global totalitarian, Orwellian tyranny. This includes a proposed world population reduction of 3.5 billion. This would be impossible to achieve by birth control. The alternative of course is genocide maybe via the auspices of an arranged WW3 .

    Leave the EU? ITS ABOUT OUR BASIC HUMANITY AND FREEDOM. It would a sensible first step,hopefully hastening the EU’s demise. I’d rather deal with the mendacity of Westminster than the unelected psychopaths who will be trying to force a New World Order upon us.

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