Further Job Cuts at SDC.

In the not to distant future up to 70% of staff across the benefits and council tax department at Shepway District Council could potentially lose their jobs.

In October 2016 it is expected that a lot of the benefits will go online.

70% equals 35 jobs out of around 50 staff will probably receive their P45’S.


This mass culling will mean that experienced staff will be replaced by software.

Of course wages will be saved, the Chief Executive Alistair Stewart,

will hit potential targets and may well receive a performance enhanced bonus, whilst his former staff look around for new jobs.

We understand there is a lot of worry and concern amongst staff in the Benefits and Council Tax department. This is obviously not good for their well being, but in the pursuit of cost cutting Mr Stewart and his senior management team do not spend to much time worrying about that.

Of course one of the other reasons staff may need to be culled is because average debt servicing costs across all authorities was 7.5% of revenue spending in 2014-15. Also SDC central govt grant will be further reduced meaning that savings on wages can go towards servicing the debt. As of the 31st March 2015 SDC’s debt was £62.5 million.

Also the personnel committee has just settled the pay round for 16/17 and this will mean that Mr Stewart’s salary will no doubt be increased, at the expense of staff being culled.

SDC’s Cllrs have recently received a 32% rise in their allowances from £3,867 to £5,100 (May 2016).

In 2013/14 Mr Stewart received £112,696 this rose by £3981 in 2014/15 to £116,677. We do not expect this figure to fall, do you?

All those who will be culled we wish you well and hope you find another job. If there is anything you might want to tell us on your departure, please do contact us. shepwayvox@riseup.net




1 Comment on Further Job Cuts at SDC.

  1. Doubtless the “sacked” will give Monk and Stewart a rendition of the Shepway Nasty Party anthem – ” In Praise of All Our Souls “


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