All Councillors Expenses and Receipts for 2015/16

Residents of Shepway we Shepwayvox call upon your help. All Cllrs expenses – all 4 quarters are now online below as promised. There is so much information we have not had sufficient time to look at it. This is where you come in. If you do look at the information and find any further anomalies, please do let us know.

We understand from a person present at the Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday 5th July, held in the Boulogne Room that there were mumblings about the Cllr’s info being placed on line. We find it ironic that the Scrutiny committee of all committees, should be grumbling.

We like they are scrutinising Cllrs, holding them to account for the public money they spend and the nectar points they receive.

Also our public face was informed that the s151 officer Mr. Tim Madden is disappointed that we have placed the information online, while the finance department are busy scurrying around trying to discover where £970.02 has gone. Tim Madden is also the the Corporate Director, Organisational Change and the s151 officer and receives an Annual salary  equivalent to £89,448 (SDC accounts pg 78)

Last year there was an investigation in Cllr Peter Simmons for a little over £200.

As the amount which appears to be missing this year is 4 and half times larger will there be another investigation?  We would hope so, but there is always the possibility that after looking at this, SDC will come up with an appropriate answer for our public face by Friday.

So here is the info, it is in the order it was given to our public face.

Councillors Allowances 2015-16

expenses 15-16 quarter 1

expenses 15-16 quarter 2.

expenses 15-16 quarter 3

expenses 15-16 quarter 4

training invoices expenses 2015-16

We wish to make you aware that our public face has now been visiting SDC offices to inspect the accounts for 4 days. On each day the information requested to inspect and the information given to him to inspect have not matched up. Pages have been missing on each of the days. We cannot understand how SDC simply cannot get ALL the requested paperwork to him when given sufficient time. Such ‘sloppiness’ by SDC has us rather concerned. Preparation, they say prevents poor performance.

Anyway, if you do happen to find further anomalies you should let both the  s151 officer know and the Auditor, by emailing them at

and the Auditor from Grant Thornton

with any concerns you may have



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