SDC’s Corporate Director Dr Susan Priest’s expenses 2015/16

Dr Susan Priest, (below,) a product of St Catherine’s College Cambridge, from whom she received a PhD in the examination of the effectiveness of government policy to stimulate small and medium enterprise (SME) growth and competitiveness, is also one of Shepway District Council’s, Corporate Director’s for Strategic Operations. She earns between £105,000 and £108,000 per year , or to look at it another way she earns almost £52 per hour, according to the accounts. She is a busy lady. She has been attending quite a few conferences/symposiums etc regarding Garden Villages/Towns in 2015.

(All information is taken from Dr Susan Priest’s expenses for 2015/16 which are below)

Susan is the lead SDC Corporate director on the Garden Village/Town project known as Otterpool Park. Susan is the Corporate Director responsible for negotiations (which are ongoing) with the Reuben Brothers, owners of Folkestone Race Course, via Arena Racing Corporation; which in turn is held offshore in the British Virgin Islands

Three months prior to the Election in 2015,  Policy Exchange, a neoconservative orientated think-tank with close ties to UK Prime Minister David Cameron, put this document  into the public arena.

Anyway on Wednesday 8th July 2015 Policy Exchange  hold a Symposium at the  Grange Wellington Hotel London  and Dr Susan Priest attends in the line of duty. The cost of this attendance to the Symposium in London was £354 (including VAT)

Grange Wellington Hotel London | 538 guest reviews, rates & photos ...

The Symposium is all about Increasing the Number of Available Homes

Two months later – the 15th September to be exact, Dr Susan Priest turns up at TCPA Conference: New Towns – past, present, future; which explored key delivery issues such as site designation, finance and governance, this conference will mark the publication of the final report of the TCPA’s Study into lessons from the UK’s New Towns and Garden Cities, and will provide an opportunity for learning and debate about the future delivery of large scale development in Britain.

On the 7/10/15 – 09/10/15,  Dr Susan Priest arrive at the Best Western Hotel in Bournemouth and attends a conference. She attends the Solace Conference. The total bill for her stay was £247.75 (with VAT)

In 2016, Susan then has quite a few meetings about the Garden Village, one of these is with the Landowners, who was at this meeting is not known,

Dr Priest like Alistair Stewart is in the habit of collecting Clubcard points, we can’t say if she collects Nectar points as these have been photocopied of the pages concerned. She  also collects Shell Petrol Loyalty Card points at our expense too.

Anyway here are Dr. Susan Priest expenses 2015-16 so you can see for yourself, what she has been up to.

Dr Susan Priest has in the past received a £170,000   payoff to to ease her departure from The South East England Development Agency (SEEDA). Her annual Salary in this position was £135,000

It is not known if Dr Susan Priest received any payment to ease her departure when she stepped down from the South East Local Enterprise Partnership to take up her Corporate Directorship with Shepway District Council in July 2013. If you discover she did, please let us know, by emailing us at


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