Is Democracy Dead in Shepway?

If Shepway District Council have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear. It appears though SDC are now hiding the questions put by the public to them at full council on Wednesday 21st Dec 2016. And also removing them from the public document (see below)

Item 6 were the questions from the public, but as one can see they have now disappeared as of this morning 23/12/16. Why is that?  What do SDC wish to hide from the public?

We also note SDC have removed the questions from the public documents pack too…

We say removed, because we have definitely seen the list of questions online.

Is it the fact that the Creative Foundation, the RDHCT and the Folkestone Harbour Company, between them have received nearly £2 million pounds from the public purse and in particular, Shepway District Council?


Plus another £1,650,788 from KCC (see below) so making a total of £3,584,038 that these organisations have received from the public purse.


Is it that a member of the public dare ask why SDC have got into bed with two companies owned by the Reuben brothers and both are ultimately owned by companies based in the British Virgin Islands. It matters because the:

“BVI is known for its simplistic tax code. You could print the whole thing on just 200 pages. Thanks to having no corporate tax, no capital gains tax, no gift or inheritance tax, and no sales tax, BVI has become a tax haven, not only for individuals, but also for offshore corporations that take advantage of the country’s modern financial infrastructure.”  Source

We don’t want sheep running our local democracies, we want strong minded individuals who are not afraid to speak up for those they were elected to serve. So will the opposition; which is UKIP, stand up and be counted and get the questions and responses put back up on the website? We do not know, but you could if you were so minded, contact your local Cllr  and ask them to ask SDC to put the questions and responses back up on their website asap.

There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. We do not intend to suggest or imply that any persons, companies or other entities included in this blog post have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly.


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5 Comments on Is Democracy Dead in Shepway?

  1. Why isn’t there a cozumel estates website if people want to look at previous projects? Tibblalds and other organisations mentioned in paperwork can all be viewed online. What is the nature of their relationship and where is the partnership agreement or con tract?

  2. I would have thought that ‘questions from the public’ should be included in Council Minutes as a matter of respect to the member of public who asked the question.

    I wonder if the ‘ommission’ of the answer is because the Council are embarrassed giving wads of cash to someone who is “considerably richer than yow!” (Harry Enflied)

    However thanks to the good offices of ShepwayVox – the truth is there for all to see.

  3. Parking is run by an off shore company. . . What is the savings of the outsourced contract.

  4. What expenses has the parking manager claimed over the years. How can ceo and j chambers be on such high wages..

  5. I have written to Cllr Monk on no less than 5 occasions. I am still waiting to hear from him. I even live in his ward, but have got no response thus far. How many times do I have to write?

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